Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, svelato il nuovo sprite e le animazioni di Lion

Poche ore fa è stato svelato lo sprite e le animazioni di Lion, dal blog ufficiale di Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, presto in arrivo su Nintendo Switch.

L’immagine pubblicata da FDG Entertainment ci mostra il secondo dei nuovi sprite del protagonista, cambiati e migliorati nella loro animazione grafica, in attesa del lancio del gioco sull’eShop di Nintendo.

Il titolo platform/adventure di FDG Entertainment, arriverà nel corso del 2018 sull’eShop europeo e americano su Nintendo Switch.

Potete osservare il post sul blog ufficiale del titolo, in calce all’articolo.

Revealing hand-drawn transformation #3: Lion form

it’s Friday again! Today we reveal the new hand-drawn design of the lion and he wears some cool ice equipment. This is the best equipment to have for the scorching hot volcano area and will help you to survive much longer. Deal more damage to fire-based enemies and take less damage from them – it’s a perfect combination! The lion transformation makes Jin much stronger and he can dash super fast but never forget all the other transformations. Jin can switch his form anytime and you’ll need to be smart to combine them in a most efficient way. Sometimes you need the power of a lion, sometimes the small size of a tiny snake to be successful. The further you go, the more transformations are needed to survive and everyone will know that the cursed kingdom can only be saved by Monster Boy. 

Our new reveal shows you the hand-drawn lion form with cool ice equipment. Don’t miss it!

This time we removed the old character sprites comparison because some got confused by the size difference in our presentation. Please note that the new hand-drawn transformations have a very similar screen-size in comparison to the old sprites. Last but not least: Thanks for keeping the communication going and we welcome all your comments, feedback and excitement about this project. Please look forward to the final game when it arrives in 2018 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One first.

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