Stories Untold: uno sguardo in video al titolo dai Nintendo Switch europei

Poco fa abbiamo pubblicato un video gameplay su Stories Untold, indie game disponibile da questo momento su Nintendo Switch.

L’adventure puzzle narrativo di Devolver Digital e’ stato pubblicato lo scorso 16 gennaio 2020 sull’eShop europeo e americano di Nintendo Switch.

Potete trovare il video pubblicato di seguito.

Stories Untold is a compilation tape of four experimental adventures, including a remaster of the original hit episode “The House Abandon”.

“Stories Untold” is a narrative-driven experimental adventure game, that bends the genre into something completely unique. Combining a mix of classic text-adventure, point-and-click and more, 4 short stories are packaged together into a single mysterious anthology that has been described as “a fantastic, fascinating example of interactive visual storytelling”  (Telegraph 5/5) and earning widespread critical acclaim since release.

The game pulls together 80s retro nostalgia, innovative and experimental genre-defying gameplay, and tense, phycological horror to create “one of the most fascinating and unique tales you can play this year” (GameSpew 9/10).

“Stories Untold” was developed by No Code, a Glasgow based ex-AAA development team headed up by Jon McKellan (Alien: Isolation) and Omar Khan.



  •  Four unique stories, with their own settings, gameplay and mechanics.
  •  Play mind-bending text adventures, process radio transmissions and conduct experiments on bizarre artifacts.
  •  Gorgeous retro-aesthetic brings back vivid memories, or a glimpse into what was.
  •  Sublime synth-wave horror soundtrack, inspired by 80s horror soundtracks.
  •  Genre-hopping: from psychological horror, to tense mystery and terrifying sci-fi; Stories Untold is truly “4 stories, 1 nightmare”.
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