Breakers: Dawn of Heroes, mostrati dei nuovi video dedicati al titolo


Poche ore fa sono emersi dei nuovi video dedicati a Breakers: Dawn of Heroes, titolo in arrivo nelle prossime settimane sui Nintendo Switch nipponici.

Il titolo action/RPG che presenterà modalità single player e multiplayer, verrà pubblicato nel corso della primavera sui Nintendo Switch giapponesi, e non è escluso possa essere localizzato in lingua inglese.

Potete trovare i due video pubblicati, in calce all’articolo.

Game Introduction

In Breakers, experience an immersive campaign with fluid touchscreen controls designed to give players the freedom and joy of an action role-playing game. Control your hero using just two fingers for a comfortable yet challenging experience in both single-player and multiplayer game modes. Choose the perfect hero and enhance their abilities to awaken their hidden powers. Experience the expansive single-player Story Mode, play with friends in Co-op Quests and even compete with other Breakers in exhilarating 1v1 and 3v3 battles in the Arena.



Action-packed Campaign: Discover the world of Breakers as you embark on your journey in the extensive Story Mode with performances by Japanese voice actors!


Exhilarating Battles – Engage in 3v3 matches casually or competitively via Casual and Ranked battles!

Up For a Duel? – Compete with your opponent 1v1 and display your individual skill! Show them who’s boss, or just battle for fun!


Enhancement – Level up and limit break your heroes to unlock their full potential!

Hero Awakening – Awaken your heroes and unleash powerful abilities to defeat your enemies in the Story and Arena Modes!

Unlock New Heroes – Discover and unlock incredible new heroes!


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