Animal Super Squad: il titolo è in arrivo il 1 maggio sui Nintendo Switch europei

Il Nintendo eShop ha listato la data di uscita ufficiale di Animal Super Squad, titolo disponibile nelle prossime ore sui Nintendo Switch europei.

Il titolo infatti è stato realizzato dagli autori del noto sviluppatore di Goat Simulator, DoubleMoose Games in collaborazione con il famosissimo Youtuber PewDiePie, è in arrivo il 1 maggio 2018 sull’eShop europeo di Nintendo Switch, al prezzo di €9,99.

Potete trovare informazioni sul titolo, in calce all’articolo.

Animal Super Squad is a new and creative game where a big part of the gameplay is created and shared by the community. Players can create their own maps, upvote the best maps, and once a week, have a chance at being featured in the Weekly Spotlight. All gameplay assets used by the developers of the game are available for the players to use in the level editor, consisting of hundreds of assets and easy-to-use scripts. However, if you just want to play other people’s maps instead of creating your own, that’s perfectly fine too, we won’t judge you, everyone’s welcome here buddy.

Naturally, you can play the developer-made Adventure Mode as well, which feature a smooth learning curve in the beginning, and frustratingly impossible levels in the end.

Feature list:

Play as your favorite animal

As long as your favorite animal is either a chicken, a fish, or a sloth

Choose from a variety of vehicles

Each with different controls, don’t worry, you’ll figure them out along the way

Get to the other side of the level to win

You know how this works, you’ve played games before, jeez

Unlock stuff!

Like a useful tinfoil hat or a dead octopus on your head

Don’t cake your pants

Community-driven level editor

gives endless replayability by letting you make and share levels, and compete in making the best (or worst) level

Physics-based gameplay

is 100% accurate in 90% of the time, (to be honest, we don’t really know how physics works)

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