Splatoon 2: emersi altri nuovi contenuti futuri dal data mining del gioco

Poche ore fa sono emerse delle nuove informazioni dal data mining riguardante i contenuti futuri di Splatoon 2, che rivelerebbe diverse novità in arrivo.

Dai dati riportati su Reddit, emerge la possibilità di vedere una nuova modalità per le Partite Pro, simile al Bazookarp e denominata “Rocket Mode”.

Oltre ciò, il dataming fa emergere una nuova arma speciale, denominata Bazooka (forse simile a quello del primo), e la solita possibile apparizione delle Octolings, come personaggi utilizzabili nel gioco.

Potete trovare i dati completi del nuovo datamining di Splatoon 2, in calce all’articolo.


Here’s a spoiler free summary of this post to decide if you wish to read it.

  • Upcoming gamemode
  • Scrapped gamemode and special weapon type
  • Something that cannot be described spoiler-free relating to the Octarians

(In case you missed our last post, here it is.)

Wii Sports here again, for more information on possible upcoming Splatoon 2 content. First off, I just want to reiterate that none of the following content is set in stone and may change at any time. Additionally, any of the items below may be abandoned and will never appear in game. Last time, we talked mainly about new maps and weapons, but let’s talk about Ranked today.

First off, a new Ranked gamemode.

  • This was actually leaked by Lean (who hosts the upcoming weapons + gear page) on a Discord server, so shoutouts to them and thanks for the help!!
  • In the game files, we can see that there are five possible modes. Yes, five.
  • Here’s the existing four: Pnt (Paint / Turf War), Var (Area / Splat Zones), Vlf (Lift / Tower Control), and Vgl (Goal / Rainmaker)
  • The fifth mode is named Vrc (Rocket). We can tell that it is a Ranked gamemode because it starts with V for Victory, one of Ranked’s internal names.
  • There are three components for this mode: Obj_VictoryRocketObj_VictoryRocketNozzle, and Obj_VictoryRocketNode.
  • The VictoryRocketNozzle is able to be equipped by the player. Internally, it is defined as a special weapon like the Rainmaker. There is a unique bullet type (BulletVictoryRocket) defined for it as well.
  • The special weapon database tells us that the VictoryRocketNozzle has been set to have the same arc type as the Sting Ray.
  • Through a database that tells the game what files to load for specific objects, we can tell that the Obj_VictoryRocketNozzle has the model of a Rainmaker. This might be temporary.
  • In a file that defines damage rates for various inanimate objects, there is an entry for Obj_VictoryRocket. This shows that the Rocket can take damage.
  • SPECULATION: The Obj_VictoryRocketNode could be used as a way for the game to navigate an actor/object through the stage (like Salmon Run, where equivalent objects are used for the Salmonid AI).
  • Nintendo left a map layout file in the game which defines a testing version of The Reef. It contains the necessary objects for this mode to run (they are highlighted in blue below).
  • The Obj_VictoryRocket is placed in an odd position, as it is floating in the air.
  • In addition, Obj_VictoryRocketNode objects are placed throughout the map, with one erroneously placed far below the playable area.

Here are some cherrypicked parameters and states for this game mode:


Second, a possibly scrapped Ranked gamemode:

  • When we found the testing version of The Reef with all of the Rocket objects, we also noticed that there were some additional objects unrelated to any of the other game modes.
  • On top of the bridge in the middle of the stage, there is an object called Obj_VictoryBall. There are additional objects placed TestObj_Lft_VBallGoal placed in one team’s spawn area as well.
  • There is no reference that we could find in the code for a mode with a codename of Ball, nor is it in the valid list of gamemodes as of version 1.0.0.
  • We do know that AirBall is how Nintendo refers to the balloons in single player and in Battle Dojo, so Ball could be a balloon-related gamemode (not Battle Dojo). However, we also know that Nintendo uses AquaBallInkBall, along with several other items that do not have any relationship to balloons.

Bonus – playable Octarians:

  • Last time, I talked about how we found OctBoy and Oct in the game’s executable and how we were not sure if they were even meant for the PlayerType variable.
  • Now, we have definite proof that they are.
  • Oct was actually OctGirl. (Compression of the executable made it look like this. We have since acquired a tool which enables us to properly reverse engineer the binary.)
  • Since Octolings are just players controlled by AI, they have their own types beginning with Rival to distinguish them from the others.
  • Someone publicly posted this image of the boy and girl Octoling hair, however we have no idea where they got it from. It was given to us privately, so we did not choose to include this in our previous post.
  • NEW – We actually forgot to include this. The Octolings have an unused icon that would have been shown if they had any dialogue in the single player campaign.
  • I would just like to stress that this does not confirm that Octolings will ever be playable. However, we do at least know that Nintendo, at one point in time, did put in some effort to add them to the game properly.

Bonus 2 – a possibly scrapped special weapon:

  • In the internal types list of all the special weapons, there is one named Bazooka which is never referenced anywhere else.
  • No, this isn’t the Inkzooka, as its internal name is SuperShot.
  • Speaking of special weapons, the game still includes the type names for all of the old special weapons. (Most of) the code for these weapons have been removed, however.

Bonus 3 – views of the Salmonid models:

We still do not have files for the updates, as they are not easy to obtain. They are being kept semi-private by the people who do have them, and we do not have access. Therefore, it is very likely that there are many surprises left that Nintendo can reveal. Here’s hoping for getting all future content soon!

And now, it’s time for the credits since nobody seemed to know who we were. Thanks to everyone below!

People who contributed to this report:

  • amibu
  • Bkool999
  • Lean
  • NefariousSquid
  • OatmealDome
  • Red
  • Simon
  • Splatonka
  • Yahya14

Kool people:

  • 466
  • Airball
  • AlienatedTunic
  • asutoroUmario
  • Hx[VideoGameRev]
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  • Lazer
  • Mal
  • Mew
  • MissingNO123
  • Pikmin
  • smb123w64gb
  • SupDos

Special shoutouts to shuffle2 for their wonderful nx2elf tool. This would have been much harder without it.

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