Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs: il titolo annunciato per Nintendo Switch, mostrato al Gamescom 2017

Tramite un post pubblicato su Kickstarter, è stato ufficializzato l’arrivo di Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs su Nintendo Switch, che sarà mostrato durante il Gamescom 2017.

Il team di sviluppo di Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, ha infatti annunciato di aver trovato il publisher per pubblicare il titolo anche su Nintendo Switch, oltre ad un partner per lo sviluppo.

JoshProd e RushonGames aiuteranno a far si che Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs arrivi (anche in versione fisica) su Nintendo Switch, Dreamcast, PC (Steam), PS4 e PC Engine. Nintendo 3DS non è stato incluso nella lista, per il fatto che il titolo arriverà solamente in formato digitale.

Potete trovare il post pubblicato su Kickstarter, in calce all’articolo.

New Publisher for Saber Rider / Gamescom 2017 / PS4 & Switch

Howdy partners!

Some of you probably have seen it on Twitter or Facebook already, our project has a new Publisher for all retail matters. We teamed up with JoshProd for the remaining development.

JoshProd will produce the game for:
–       Sega Dreamcast
–       Playstation 4
–       Nintendo Switch
–       PC Engine
–       PC

So yes, our Game will be also on PS4 and Switch. Manny people asked for it.
Our project was approved by Nintendo for Switch not very long ago.

Other (retro) platforms are possible in the future but that is up to JoshProd.
Please remember that we are talking about retail here.
Nintendo 3DS is digital only and therefore missing on the list but still happening.

Furthermore, JoshProd will also produce the physical rewards from our Kickstarter and also take over most of the PR and community work. This is great news. This way I can focus fully on completing the project. Also release dates for each platform are up to JoshProd.

Saber Rider will be distributed by rushongame on
Therefore, preordering has been ended on our own page. The preorder will continue soon on the rushongames page.

I am very happy to work with JoshProd and RushonGames.
Together we will make the game a success!

Also, the Gamescom in Cologne / Germany is starting tomorrow. (22. – 26.08.)
Unfortunately I won’t be there, because there is still too much work to do.
But fear not! Saber Rider will be there.
Our friends from retrospiel ( have a booth there and will display the Dreamcast Version of Saber Rider. Thanks guys! 🙂
You can find and meet them in the retro gaming area / exhibition hall 10.2
I hope to see some pictures from the Gamescom.

Thank you very much for your support.

Team Saber Rider

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