Dragalia Lost: il titolo ora aggiornato alla versione 2.18.1 su Android e iOS

Il servizio notifiche di Dragalia Lost ha annunciato l’arrivo immediato della versione 2.18.1, disponibile da questo momento nel titolo mobile.

Da questo momento i giocatori potranno accedere a nuovi eventi e funzionalità introdotte da Nintendo e Cygames all’interno di Dragalia Lost.

Il titolo realizzato in partnership con Cygames, uno studio giapponese che collaborerà con Nintendo nella realizzazione del titolo RPG “free to play”, è approdato il 27 settembre 2018 su iOS e Android negli USA.

Version Update [Update]

[Addendum 03/24/2022 at 04:00]
The name of the version update releasing on 03/24/2022 at 04:00 will be changed as follows:

Ver. 2.18.0

Ver. 2.18.1

This change does not affect the content of the update.

Version 2.18.0 will be available for download around 03/24/2022 at 04:00. You may install it when it becomes available; otherwise, an automatic update will occur around 03/25/2022 at 04:00.
When you update to version 2.18.0 and play co-op, you will no longer be matched with players using earlier versions of the game. Rooms created by players using earlier versions will not display in the Room List, and you will not be able to join them using Find a Room, Join Nearby Players, Enter an ID, or alliance chat.
To celebrate the update, we’ll be sending all players a Tenfold Summon Voucher after the automatic update. This notice will be updated after it has been distributed.
Note: The Tenfold Summon Voucher will not be distributed until after the automatic update, even if you complete the update to version 2.18.0 early.
■Update Details
・The number of players necessary to start a match in the Alberian Battle Royale will be reduced on 03/27/2022 at 08:00. This change will not affect the maximum number of participants, which remains at 16 (including AI-controlled adventurers).
・The dragon Mini Jupi will be added to the fafnir medals section of the Trade Treasure on 03/27/2022 at 08:00.
・The number of times that players can obtain the social reward, which can be obtained by playing co-op with another player for the first time, will be reset on 03/27/2022 at 08:00. After clearing a quest, you can get 50 wyrmite per player (up to 50 times).
・Floors 51 through 60 will be added to the Kaleidoscape and additional balance adjustments will be made on 04/25/2022 at 08:00. For further details, please see the corresponding in-game notification upon its release.
・Trials of the Mighty quests will be changed to follow a rotating two-week schedule on 04/27/2022 at 08:00. With this change, each Trials of the Mighty quest will become available at some point during a repeating four-week window.
・Support for upcoming adventurers and quests scheduled to appear in late March and beyond will be added and certain unresolved issues will be addressed.
[Addendum 03/24/2022 at 07:00]
・Co-op play for the main campaign quest Chapter 1 / 3-3 “A True Pact” will no longer be available on Normal difficulty starting 03/27/2022 at 08:00.
■Other Changes
・Certain parts of the hair on the adventurer Gala Zethia’s 3D model will be adjusted on 03/27/2022 at 08:00.
1. It may take time for the store to reflect the updated information. Players may not be able to perform updates due to their device’s data cache being full. If you are unable to perform the update, restart your device, and then try downloading it from the store.
2. Any adventurers and game screenshots shown are still in development.
Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.
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