Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid, ora disponibile la versione 2.4.0 sui Nintendo Switch europei

Qualche ora fa è stato pubblicato un nuovo update per Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, ora arrivato alla versione 2.4.0 sui Nintendo Switch europei.

La nota serie ventennale di Saban, è approdata per la prima volta con la sua trasparizione videoludica sull’ibrida di Nintendo il 26 marzo 2019.

Potete trovare informazioni sull’aggiornamento di seguito.



  • Back throw command fixed so holding Medium + Heavy and performing motion commands no longer causes unintentional back throw inputs.
  • Fixed “frozen” projectile VFX bugs caused when Swap Strike “super pause” is interrupted with a projectile.


Tommy Oliver

  • Back medium (Axe Kick) blockstun reduced significantly, making it easier to punish. Hitstun unchanged, so he can still link his light attack off of a successful Axe Kick. Additionally, when used as anti-air, forces a ground bounce effect when both hits connect.
  • Dragon Dive is no longer cancelable with Swap Strike.
  • Super: Tommy is now vulnerable a short period after summoning the Dragonzord. Missiles despawn if their owner (Tommy) is successfully hit. Missile damage reduced.

Gia Moran

  • Forward heavy (Overhead Slice): decreased blockstun and increased recovery.

Ranger Slayer

  • Crouching medium hurtbox length increased significantly.

Kat Manx

  • Fixed an issue where standing heavy was “kara-cancelable” with dash input.

Mastodon Sentry

  • New EX attack added (Triple Shot Ex). Can be performed after performing any Triple Shot or after Sky Torch. Causes wall bounce.
  • Standing heavy is no longer cancelabe on block.
  • Crouching heavy projectile speed increased even further.
  • Neutral Special (Triple Shot) and neutral Special > Special (Triple Shot 2) projectile speed increased significantly.
  • Forward Special (Land Mine) can now be executed while one already exists. Subsequent Land Mines will despawn existing mines on frame 1 of the attack.
  • Reduced dash jump distance.

Lord Zedd

  • Fixed an edge case issue where Lord Zedd’s successful Super sequence could not KO a low health victim.

Eric Myers

  • Fixed an issue with Eric’s ground bounce animation that made it inconsistent while he’s being juggled.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Eric to spawn multiple Formation: Sword projectiles.
  • Fixed an issue where Eric could air block while falling from Air Blade.

Dai Shi

  • Fixed an issue with Dai Shi’s ground bounce animation that made it inconsistent while he’s being juggled.
  • Neutral Special > H (Surge): Increased durability of projectile and decreased startup speed before release. Surge can now be executed while one already exists, despawning the existing fireball on frame 1 of the subsequent Surge attack.
  • Raging Slash rework
    • Speed and distance traveled increased by 25%.
    • Dai Shi’s auto-correcting behavior is now much more consistent.
    • Now hits twice, with the first causing a stagger and the second causing a wall bounce.
    • Added a special cancel rule on successful hit: i.e., Raging Slash is now cancelable with neutral Special (Wolf Rush), opening up more combo paths.
    • Is now projectile invincible.

Robert James

  • Fixed an issue that allowed RJ to cancel Wolf Wheel Spike into Knee Crush.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed RJ to cancel crouching heavy with Megazord Ultra.
  • Standing medium > standing medium auto combo hitbox width decreased.
  • Crouching medium hurtbox length increased significantly.
  • Crouching heavy damage reduced significantly.
  • Super damage reduced.
  • Neutral Special > back Special (Wolf Wheel Alpha) damage reduced.
  • Neutral Special > forward Special (Wolf Wheel Spike) damage reduced.
  • Back throw damage reduced.
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