Etrian Mystery Dungeon: il titolo sarà rimosso dall’eShop europeo del 3DS il prossimo 30 settembre

NIS America ha recentemente annunciato la rimozione di Etrian Mystery Dungeon, prossimamente non più disponibile sui Nintendo 3DS europei.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon sarà infatti rimosso dall’eShop europeo del Nintendo 3DS il prossimo 30 settembre 2020, attualmente acquistabile in sconto fino al 20 settembre.

Potete trovare l’annuncio ufficiale di seguito.

Combining Etrian Odyssey’s deeply customisable RPG elements with the randomised challenges of the Mystery Dungeon series, Etrian Mystery Dungeon invites you on a new kind of adventure, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS family systems.

Join the many aspiring adventurers passing through the mountain town of Aslarga in pursuit of its infamous mystery dungeons. Start a guild of your very own and stock it with characters that you create. Choose your companions from over 10 different classes from the Etrian Odyssey series including Landsknecht, Gunner, Medic, Ninja and more.

Lead your ragtag band of explorers into the depths of twisted, complex and infinitely random labyrinths filled with glorious loot, all guarded by swathes of monsters dwelling within each floor. No two visits to a mystery dungeon are ever the same: the layout, monsters, traps and treasures change every time you enter. You may even encounter shops or face off against hordes of enemies in a single room during each expedition!

Everything you do while in the dungeon counts as a turn, so tread carefully! Pick the best party formation and skills in combat, or risk falling in battle and losing your money and belongings. One move can make all the difference, so equip your team with the necessary abilities to take on any unexpected surprises. Use powerful Blast Skills that can help your party in a pinch: build up your Blast Gauge to take control of your entire party and unleash devastating attacks!

With bountiful shops, inns, restaurants and plenty of helpful services, Aslarga is the perfect hub for weary adventurers to unwind and prepare for their next descent. The townsfolk are more than happy to aid your excursions: after all, brave explorers are the only ones who can protect their quaint town from the threat of huge powerful boss monsters intent on destruction. When one of these beasts breaks free, it’s up to you and your party to put up a fight to protect Aslarga! Build a fort in a dungeon to fix its overall structure, track the boss’ movement and create a line of defence.

Do you have the strategy, persistence and courage to lead your guild to glory against all odds in Etrian Mystery Dungeon on Nintendo 3DS family systems?

  • A new adventure in the Etrian Odyssey world which combines deep RPG customisation with unpredictable and unrelenting challenge
  • Form a guild and create characters from 10 unique classes from the Etrian Odyssey series
  • Descend into dungeons that change each time you visit in search of loot and monsters
  • Protect Aslarga from the threat of destruction from the mighty monsters
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