Collar X Malice: Unlimited, il titolo in arrivo il 13 agosto sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch


Qualche ora fa è stata annunciata la data di uscita di Collar X Malice: Unlimited, titolo disponibile prossimamente sui Nintendo Switch europei.

La visual novel di Aksys Games e  Idea Factory sarà pubblicata il prossimo 13 agosto 2020 sull’eShop europeo e americano di Nintendo Switch.

Potete trovare il video pubblicato di seguito.

The danger has only begun!

Return to the thrilling, deadly world of Collar X Malice with exclusive Interlude, After Story, and Adonis play modes. Revisit the characters and events of the original game, as you build new relationships while picking up the pieces in the aftermath of the first X-Day Incident.

Then buckle up for an entirely new investigatory experience as you search for traitors hidden deep within the shadowy Adonis organization. Embark on a desperate race against time before the next cataclysmic X-Day arrives!

• Explore New Paths and Mysteries!
Pursue missed opportunities with the original cast, then discover completely original characters and events.

• Investigate Challenging Cases!
Assemble clues and profile individuals in different times and settings to piece together the complete story.

• Fresh Characters and Options Exclusive to Collar X Malice-Unlimited!

Take on the ultimate challenge of the Adonis storyline – designed for multiple replays! The clock is ticking, and no single play-through will uncover all your foes.

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