Fire Emblem: Three Houses, il titolo aggiornato alla versione 1.2.0 sui Nintendo Switch europei

Nintendo ha recentemente pubblicato un update di Fire Emblem: Three Houses, ora arrivato alla versione 1.2.0 sui Nintendo Switch europei.

L’aggiornamento in questione ha introdotto il nuovo DLC, Cindered Shadows, oltre a nuove aggiunte e feature che trovate nel changelog di seguito.

Ver. 1.2.0 (Released February 13, 2020)

  • New and Updated Features
    • You can now select the Dancer Ensemble costume for the protagonist in Unit Appearance.
    • You can now change your unit’s appearance from the activity-selection screen on days off and mission days, in addition to changing within your Personal Quarters while exploring.
      • Access Unit Appearance by pressing the L Button on the activity-selection screen.
    • You can now change the appearance of all characters simultaneously in Unit Appearance.
      • Do so by selecting Everyone at the bottom of the character list in Unit Appearance.
    • Added a new support partner for Bernadetta in the Crimson Flower chapter.
    • You can now deliver Lost Items to Rhea. In addition, you can now invite Rhea to Tea Parties.
      • Tea Parties with Rhea can be unlocked by accepting the additional quest Esteemed Company from Rhea.
      • The additional quest will become available from Ep. 5, Tower of Black Winds, onward as long as Tea Parties have been unlocked. It is also necessary to complete the Lost Item quest: Lost? Found!
    • Ally costumes have been set to display as “War” in Hunting by Daybreak regardless of In Battle settings.
  • New and Updated Features for Expansion Pass
    • Added Side Story (Cindered Shadows) from the Expansion Pass.
      • Begin by selecting Side Story on the title screen, regardless of your main story progress.There are two difficulty levels: Normal and Hard (there is no Maddening mode).Save data for the Side Story is separate from the main game. There are three save files. (Autosave is also separate from the main game.)To continue where you left off, select Continue from the title screen, and then press either the ZL Button or the ZR Button to switch between the main game and side-story save files.
    • Added the following content to the main game as you progress through the Side Story:
      • A new explorable area in the monasterySpeak to the Shifty Merchant near your Personal Quarters.
      • Recruit new characters in the monasteryThey can only be recruited during Part I.
      • Added new quests, activities, classes, paralogues related to the new characters, new support conversations, etc.
      • New costume available for Anna called Tricky Merchant from the Expansion Pass
    • Added feature that displays breed names for the dogs and cats you can feed around the monastery as part of the Expansion Pass.
    • Added a new online statistic, This Month’s Sauna Enthusiasts, for participants of the Sauna activity from the Expansion Pass, which can be viewed on the calendar or the loading screen when playing online. Only those who have purchased the Expansion Pass can view these statistics.
      • Online features require a Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and a Nintendo Account.
  • General
    • Fixed a bug regarding an incorrect number of years for the rebellion of the Imperial House Hrym in one of Lysithea’s conversations.
    • Fixed the bug causing the effects of the Nuvelle Chamberlain Co.’s gambits Battleground Café and Evasive Partner (from the Expansion Pass) to not end after one turn as the gambit explanation text specifies.
    • Fixed the bug that sometimes caused the game to turn to a black screen after skipping the item acquisition dialogue during battle.
    • Fixed the bug that sometimes incorrectly displayed damage for critical hits with the Enlightened One class.
    • Fixed the bug that prevented battalions from displaying in the correct order when sorted by endurance in the unit list.
    • Fixed the bug causing the order of combat arts in the combat forecast to differ from that of the status screen.
    • Fixed the bug that sometimes prevented reinforcements from appearing correctly after using Divine Pulse in Maddening difficulty.
    • Fixed the bug that sometimes displayed “Learned the Magic []” when Faith was increased regardless of whether or not any magic was learned.
    • Fixed the bug that sometimes displayed the text from Shifty Merchant during certification exams.
    • Unified graphics used for the enemy character Myson.
    • Fixed the bug that hindered the monastery owls’ ability to fly starting in Ver.1.1.0.
    • Fixed incorrect information in some epilogues.
    • Fixed the bug that sometimes listed the same track name multiple times in the Music Library.
    • Fixed the bug that sometimes displayed female Byleth’s name as male Byleth in the Support Conversation viewer.
    • Fixed some character model appearances.
    • The gameplay has been improved by addressing a few additional bugs.

Il nuovo esponente della serie di Intelligent Systems in collaborazione con Koei Tecmo, è stato pubblicato sui Nintendo Switch europei, americani e giapponesi lo scorso 26 luglio 2019, con tanto di Limited Edition.

Un gioco di Fire Emblem con una storia inedita e personaggi tutti nuovi è in arrivo su Nintendo Switch!

Il gioco è ambientato a Fódlan, dove la Chiesa di Seiros esercita una grande influenza sul paese e i suoi abitanti. Nei panni del protagonista, il giocatore può non solo combattere sul campo di battaglia, ma anche spostarsi liberamente e interagire con altri personaggi per costruire relazioni e raccogliere informazioni.

Questo RPG tattico a turni introduce diverse novità, come le formazioni di truppe che danno supporto alle unità individuali sul campo di battaglia. Riuscirai a sopravvivere e conquistare in questo nuovo Fire Emblem?


  • Un classico RPG a turni che introduce diverse novità. Adesso, quando il giocatore sposta un’unità, large formazioni di truppe si muovono con essa e le offrono supporto in battaglia.
  • In alcune parti, il giocatore può spostarsi liberamente e interagire con altri personaggi per ottenere informazioni.
  • Il gioco è ambientato in un nuovo mondo, Fódlan, dove la Chiesa di Seiros esercita un grande potere.
  • Il tuo protagonista incontra tre personaggi, Edelgard, Dimitri e Claude, che hanno un ruolo molto importante nella storia.


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