Star Ocean: First Departure R, pubblicato un video commercial giapponese sul titolo

Square Enix ha pubblicato un video commercial giapponese su Star Ocean: First Departure R, rivisitazione dell’originale Star Ocean in arrivo su Nintendo Switch.

Il remake dell’action-RPG rilasciato su PlayStation Portable nel 2007, arriverà con nuove funzionalità aggiuntive, il prossimo 5 dicembre 2019 sui Nintendo Switch giapponesi.

Potete trovare il video pubblicato, in calce all’articolo.

  • High-Definition Visuals – Up-converted from SD to HD resolution, the quality of the game’s graphics and movies has been enhanced.
  • New Illustrations Based on the Super Famicom Version’s Designs + Character Illustration Switch Feature – Katsumi Enami, who handled the character illustrations for Star Ocean: The Last Hope, has created new character illustrations based on the Super Famicom version’s designs. You can switch between the First Departure and First Departure R illustrations as you like during the game.
  • Full Voice-Overs from the First Departure Voice Cast + Voice Switch Feature – Since the Super Famicom version had no voice-overs outside of battle, the voice-overs have been newly recorded by both the Super Famicom version cast and the First Departure cast. You can switch between the First Departure and First Departure R voice casts as you like during the game. The voice cast includes:
    • Ratix Farrence
      • First Departure Version: Mamoru Miyano
      • First Departure R Version: Hiro Yuuki
    • Milly Kiliet
      • First Departure Version: Hitomi Nabatame
      • First Departure R Version: Konami Yoshida
    • Dorn Marto
      • First Departure Version: Kentaro Ito
      • First Departure R Version: Nobuyuki Hiyama
    • Ronixis J. Kenny
      • First Departure Version: Kenji Hamada
      • First Departure R Version: Akira Okamori
    • Iria Silvestoli
      • First Departure Version: Sanae Kobayashi
      • First Departure R Version: Wakana Yamazaki
  • Field Movement Game Speed Boost Feature – Added a feature to increase the game speed by two times when moving on the field.
  • Game Balance Adjustments – Adjusted battle difficulty.
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