Little Legend: l’open world 2D è in arrivo nel 2020 su Nintendo Switch grazie alla campagna Kickstarter

Qualche ora fa è stato ufficializzato l’arrivo di Little Legend, indie game disponibile nei prossimi mesi anche su Nintendo Switch.

L’open world adventure 2D di Nevermind, che permetterà di creare delle abilità magiche, craftare e vendere oggetti in un negozio ed altro, arriverà nel 2020 su Nintendo Switch grazie alla campagna Kickstarter, che è stata chiusa con la bellezza di €36,139. 

Trovate informazioni sul titolo in calce all’articolo.

Little Legend is a 2D HD side-scrolling adventure game taking place in a dreamlike open world. You play as Pimpim, a young girl with supernatural powers who sets off to explore the world. You craft your own magic abilities, use them to explore a huge captivating world and follow a captivating story about the rebuilding of the universe. In Little Legend, nothing compels you to follow the main quest to explore the world, you can indeed freely wander around at your own pace at the beginning of the game. As you may have noticed, Little Legend is not a Metroidvania. The Magicraft mechanic gives the player the power to craft its own magic abilities akin to tools. We wanted to reproduce the same feeling of satisfaction as the one you get when you use a glitch in a video game to your advantage to reach the highest platform or pass through a closed door. We like when the player feels smart about discovering how to overcome an obstacle using its own way and not the one that was thought for him by the creators of the game.

Key features

– Create your own Magic Abilities & Companions
– Explore a 2D dreamlike Open World
– Fight in fast-paced action
– Discover a character-driven story with relevant Narrative Choices
– Craft and Sell items in your own Shop
– Fly and talk with creatures as a Magic Weasel


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