Metagal: il titolo è in arrivo prossimamente sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch

Qualche ora fa Ratalaika Games ha annunciato l’arrivo di Metagal, prossimamente disponibile sui Nintendo Switch europei.

Il titolo 2D platformer action game di RetroRevolution sarà infatti pubblicato nelle prossime settimane sull’eShop europeo e americano di Nintendo Switch.

Potete trovare l’annuncio su Twitter in calce all’articolo.


METAGAL is an 2D platformer action game.

You will take the shoes of “Meta” ,a cyborg girl, in her quest to rescue her Creator “Dr Ray” from the hands of “General Creeper”, the evil leader of a rogue army!!
Also Metagal’s sisters, were kidnapped by Creeper: he turned them in battle cyborgs, in order to use their powers to rule the world!! Meta must face her sisters, free them, and copy their abilities. She must fight for 8 stages of intense action, and prepare herself for the final confrontation against Creeper himself!

[Unique Features]

– Classic jump and shoot style platformer.

– 8 levels with unique environment,detailed design and different gimmick.

– 30 Enemies types not including Boss

– Defeat Gal No.# Boss and use their weapon.

– Collect secret items to power up your character.

– Soft death penalty with “Gear” system allows player to resolve their mistakes with less frustration.

– Controller and Keyboard customize support.

– Finish the game once and play as Boss Characters each come with their own power and upgrade!

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