Cattails: la versione 1.3 del titolo è in arrivo nel Q1 2019 su Nintendo Switch

Qualche ora fa è emerso l’arrivo di un nuovo aggiornamento di Cattails, disponibile da qualche tempo sui Nintendo Switch europei.

Il titolo RPG Adventure realizzato da Falcon Development, è stato pubblicato il 29 novembre 2018 sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch.

Potete trovare il changelog della versione 1.3, in arrivo nei primi mesi del 2019, in calce all’articolo.

v1.3 Is Now Available on PC and Mac!

New Marriage Options, a Brand-New Task System, and More!

Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch™

A free content update for Cattails is now available on PC and Mac! If you own the game on Steam, your copy should stay up-to-date automatically. This update will be available on Nintendo Switch™ in Q1 2019, with an expected release window of late January or early February.

Hailing from the marshes of the Mystic Colony, Krampy is ready to find true love! Don’t let the mask (or the leeches!) scare you off, because underneath the mysterious exterior of this veteran doctor lies a caring heart.

A kindly healer from the Forest Colony, Doc is ready to consider settling down. Spend some time with this old cat and you just might find that you’ve got a lot in common!

A timid and shy cat, Luna spends the day taking care of patients in the Mountain Domain. But running a clinic is lonesome work, and perhaps even a cat with such a cold temperament can have a change of heart?

Galen is a wisened stranger from the distant northern lands. If you are powerful enough to run your very own colony, you may find that this cat will be drawn to a den that’s well-stocked with herbs.

A new system has been added to Cattails: Tasks! Complete tasks to receive rewards and Task Tokens, which may be exchanged for prizes. Your colony calls on brave cats like you to scout, forage, hunt, explore, and more!

Each day, a new task will appear. You’ll have until midnight to complete it. Participating in the tasks is completely optional, but we think you’ll be interested in many of the new rewards!

If you’ve created your own colony, you’ll find the Task Board added as a Structure option in the Build Menu.

Three new Active Skills have been added to the game! You can unlock these powerful new abilities by participating in daily tasks.

  • Shield: Become invulnerable to all damage for a few seconds and charge into battle!
  • Pinecone Toss: Quickly hurl a pinecone at your enemies for a fast ranged attack!
  • Bug Bait: Summon a swarm of in-season bugs around you! (No effect in winter.)

Looking to save some mews on your next trip to the shop or the clinic? Try befriending the owner!

If you have 5 friendship stars with a shopkeeper, they’ll offer you 15% off their items. If you have 5 friendship stars with a doctor, they’ll grant a 50% discount on their healing services. It pays to make friends!

In addition to these new features, we made a number of smaller changes. Here’s the patch notes:

  • Added a ‘skip tutorial’ option if you make a new file on a computer that already has at least 1 other file
  • Elli will now allow you to change your kittens’ names for 25 mews
  • Added some unique wedding dialog pieces for many marriageable cats
  • Reduced size of collision box on custom colony dens to allow for more flexible placement options
  • 7 new coat colors to collect!
  • PC/Mac: Added ability to paste text directly into the Promo Code box (ctrl + V)
  • Various bug fixes & typo fixes

We hope you’ll enjoy the update! You can leave feedback by posting on the official community forums or by emailing us directly at [email protected]. Until next time…

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