Wizard’s Symphony: mostrate immagini e rivelati tre nuovi personaggi del titolo

Poco fa sono emerse immagini e informazioni su tre nuovi personaggi di Wizard’s Symphony, in arrivo nei prossimi mesi sui Nintendo Switch giapponesi.

Svelato in uno dei livestream di Arc System Works, il titolo dungeon RPG sarà ambientato nello stesso universo di Wizard’s Harmony, vecchia serie del 1995 presente su SEGA Saturn e PS1, caratterizzata da elementi adventure e simulativi.

Wizard’s Symphony sarà pubblicato il prossimo 28 febbraio 2019 sull’eShop giapponese di Nintendo Switch, al prezzo di 6,800 yen.

Potete trovare le informazioni sul titolo in calce all’articolo.

Three more party members introduced.

Elrick Meola (voiced by Koudai Sakai)

A prodigy wizard of the adventurer’s training school known as “S&W.” However, he is currently suspended due to an incident he caused at the school. Intellectual and rational, he is incredibly quick-witted. In battle, he is a healer who supports the party with a variety of recovery magic. When he first meets Alto, he defiantly slams his hand onto the wall with Alto in front of him.

Grey Swift (voiced by Souma Maeda)

An adventurer with a carefree personality. Her job is to collect treasures from ruins and articles from deceased adventurers. In battle, she fights using high evasive ability and a keen wit as her weapons. Her elusive actions are unreadable. She tries to steal Alto’s wallet upon approaching him, but…

Volk Dartfang (voiced by Daiki Yamashita)

A lively young man of the Lycanthrope race. Enthusiastic and caring of his allies, he is someone to depend on. An all-purpose attacker, he can lure in enemy attacks and absorb the damage. He is the type to decide things in the spur of the moment. He plays the role of an older brother-type character to Alto, as his love for his allies is stronger than most and he can be relied on in times of emergency.

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