Gal Metal: uno sguardo in video al titolo dai Nintendo Switch europei

Poco fa abbiamo pubblicato un video gameplay dedicato a Gal Metal, titolo disponibile prossimamente anche sui Nintendo Switch europei.

Dopo l’approdo nel Sol Levante degli scorsi mesi, Gal Metal si prepara ad essere pubblicato sui Nintendo Switch europei il prossimo 2 novembre 2018.

Non solo, infatti il titolo sarà pubblicato in formato retail (fisico) sui Nintendo Switch europei, come Gal Metal: World Tour Edition grazie a Marvelous Games.

Il gioco è supervisionato da Shuuhou Imai, il design dei personaggi e il manga saranno invece assegnati Toshinao Aoki e l’executive producer sarà Tak Fujii.

Garu Metal viene descritto come “high-school” e “hardcore”, ma anche come “sci-fi, ma giovanile”, un gioco musicale, ma allo stesso tempo pieno di avventura.

Il titolo rhythm game di DMM Games, noto publisher su PC e smartphone, è stato pubblicato lo scorso 8 febbraio 2018, sull’eShop giapponese di Nintendo Switch, al prezzo di 4,980 yen.

Potete trovare il video pubblicato, in calce all’articolo.


Take down alien invaders with the power of metal!

One night while on his way home from school, a high school boy is abducted by the Octoids, an extraterrestrial species bent on revenge. The boy’s soul is transplanted into a high school girl’s body in a sinister experiment. Now sharing a body, the duo must work together with her high school band, K.M.G. (Kichijoji Metal Girls) to defeat the aliens with their greatest weakness: metal!

Turn the Joy-Con™ controllers into a pair of drum sticks in this brand-new rhythm game experience! Memorize drum lines and jam to 13 tracks without any sheet music or rhythm icons. How you rock is up to you!

Hold the Joy-Con™ controllers in your left and right hand as if they were real drum sticks and make music by swinging them up and down.

(Gal Metal also supports standard button and Touch Screen input.)

Swing the Joy-Con™(R) for the kick drum, the Joy-Con™(L) for the snare drum, and both at the same time for a cymbal crash.

Memorize various rhythm patterns by practicing solo or with your band and deploy them however you like to build up your Metal Power in concert battles against the Octoids.

Just using a single beat won’t be enough to rack up the points — showcase a variety of rhythm patterns and earn yourself combo bonuses. Master the art of metal and send those nasty aliens back where they came from!

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