Blade Strangers: il titolo è ora in pre-download sull’eShop giapponese di Nintendo Switch

Poche ore fa è stato attivato il pre-download di Blade Strangers, titolo in arrivo prossimamente anche sui Nintendo Switch europei.

Blasta Strangers è infatti pre-scaricabile da questo momento sull’eShop giapponese di Nintendo Switch, al prezzo di 3,996 yen.

Il titolo fighting game realizzato da Studio Saizensen, sarà pubblicato da Nicalis il prossimo 28 agosto 2018 anche sull’eShop europeo e americano di Nintendo Switch.

The indie crossover brawler developed by Studio Saizensen embraces a traditional and streamlined four-button control scheme that offers accessible inputs for beginner players, while still providing advanced players with endless opportunities to discover new tactics as they hone their skills.

Blade Strangers combines the excitement and subtle dynamics of a classic one-on-one fighting game with the polish and high-quality visuals expected from a current-gen contender. The game will arrive feature-rich at launch, complete with a wide variety of online and offline gameplay modes and additional offerings including:

– Story Mode – experience each character’s unique story
– Arcade Mode – pick a character and win matches to advance
– Challenge Mode – complete various skill challenges for each of the characters
– Survival Mode – battle against a barrage of CPU-controlled opponents
– Versus Mode – fight against friends or the CPU (with “standby” option)
– Online Modes – create or search for rooms and engage in Stealth, Casual or League matches
– Tutorial – for new players to learn the basics
– Training – practice moves and combos to hone skills (with “standby” option)
– Other Features – online leaderboards, screen view and control customization, player profiles, stat tracking, unlockable items (character colors, portraits, special titles)

The diverse roster in Blade Strangers includes unique characters from different backgrounds, headlined by Quote and Curly Brace (from Cave Story+), Isaac (from The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+), Solange, Ali, Liongate and Master T (from Code of Princess EX) and Kawase, Noko and Emiko (from the Umihara Kawase series). The 14-character launch roster also features indie superstars Shovel Knight and Gunvolt as special guests, plus new characters Lina and Helen who are appearing in a video game for the first time ever.

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