Runbow: pubblicato il trailer di lancio del titolo su Nintendo Switch

Qualche istante fa è stato pubblicato il trailer di lancio dedicato a Runbow, celebre titolo indie, ora disponibile sui Nintendo Switch europei.

L’ex esclusiva Wii U eShop di 13 AM Games, è stato pubblicato il 3 luglio 2018 sull’eShop europeo e americano di Nintendo Switch, al prezzo scontato di €11.99 (€14.99 prezzo normale).

Potete trovare il trailer pubblicato, in calce all’articolo.

The greatest indie party game ever available
now for PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™
20% off for PlayStation® Plus Members!

Dueren, July 3rd 2018 – 13AM‘s and Headup‘s ultimate party game Runbow is available now for PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™. Get it now on the PlayStation®Store and the Nintendo eShop for only $14.99 and play the greatest independent party game together with friends and your family!

In addition, there is a 20% Discount to all PS Plus Members.

For some extra stuff, we recommend the Extra Val-Hue Bundle for both platforms, containing Satura’s Space Adventure and four content packs with 10 additional costumes and 6 new songs. Of course, you can get all this seperately, too – just check your store’s DLC page.

And don’t miss the Release Trailer:

Runbow features an eye-catching color mechanic that has racers brawl against each other while objects and platforms appear or disappear based on the continually changing background color.

All multiplayer modes can be played by up to 9 players simultaneously online, while it features 8-player local multiplayer madness on Nintendo Switch™ as well as 4-player local chaos on PlayStation®4. Besides that, Runbow contains several co-op modes, also playable with that amount of players, as well as a bevy of content in its single-player modes that will test the skills and minds of any seasoned platformer.

Get ready to Runbow!

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