Ōkami HD: il titolo è in arrivo il 9 agosto sui Nintendo Switch giapponesi

Qualche ora fa è emersa la data di uscita giapponese di Ōkami HD, disponibile in estate anche su Nintendo Switch in Giappone e in Occidente.

Da quanto rivelato da Famitsu, Ōkami HD sarà pubblicato il prossimo 9 agosto 2018 sui Nintendo Switch giapponesi, al prezzo di 2,990 yen, con la Zekkeiban Edition fissata a 3,990 yen.

Ricordiamo che la remastered del celebre titolo approdato nel 2006 su Wii e Playstation 2, vedrà la luce (solamente in formato digitale) sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch nella prossima estate.


Experience the Splendor of Ōkami HD This Summer on Nintendo SwitchTM

Ōkami HD, one of the most visually breathtaking action video games ever made, is coming to Nintendo Switch with high definition graphics updated for modern HD televisions. Originally released in 2006, Ōkami brought the Japanese Sumi-e ink style art to video games, marrying art with action and an epic tale, making it one of the most unique and beautiful video games ever.  Ōkami HD will be available as a digital download for Nintendo Switch this summer.

In the game, players draw brushstrokes on screen with the Celestial Brush to battle opponents or solve puzzles. Unique to Nintendo Switch, Ōkami HD will offer new functionality for the Celestial Brush, taking advantage of the Nintendo Switch system’s touchscreen and motion-control support to create intuitive new ways to solve puzzles and defeat foes. These artistic touches include:

  • Touchscreen Painting – Create brushstrokes directly on the touchscreen in Handheld mode
  • Motion-Control Painting – Paint with the Joy-Con™ controller’s motion controls in TV or Tabletop mode by moving it in the desired pattern, just like a paintbrush

Art meets action and puzzle solving in Ōkami HD, where players must use a combination of magic abilities, clever attacks, an arsenal of items and Celestial Brush techniques to restore life and color to the land of Nippon. In the game, players take on the role of Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess who inhabits the form of a legendary white wolf Shiranui on a quest to defeat Orochi, an eight-headed demon and tyrannical monster responsible for turning the world into a ruined wasteland. A cast of colorful allies appear to help Amaterasu defeat foes and rid the land of Orochi’s curse.

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