Runbow: posticipata l’uscita del titolo di qualche settimana su Nintendo Switch

Qualche ora fa è stato annunciato il rinvio di Runbow, celebre titolo indie, disponibile tra qualche settimana sui Nintendo Switch europei.

L’ex esclusiva Wii U eShop di 13 AM Games, era stati infatti programmata per l’uscita il prossimo 24 aprile 2018 sull’eShop europeo e americano di Nintendo Switch, con una versione retail (Deluxe Edition), in arrivo il prossimo 14 giugno 2018.

Headup Games e 13 AM Games hanno annunciato il rinvio della versione Nintendo Switch, per ripulire e ottimizzare il gioco al meglio prima della sua pubblicazione ufficiale.

Potete trovare il comunicato ufficiale, in calce all’articolo.

Get ready to Runbow – soon!
Runbow’s release date for Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation®4 postponed for final polishing

Düren, April 20th 2018 – The colorful racing chaos of award-winning party game Runbow will be postponed for some weeks in order to further optimize the game’s performance.

Headup Games and 13AM Games deeply apologize to everyone who’s already looking forward excitedly to play it, but in order to feature the highest quality possible, Runbow needed to be delayed for PlayStation®Store and Nintendo eShop. But rest assured – it’s just a matter of weeks. You will get the newest date, as soon as it is set.

The same may apply to the retail Runbow Deluxe Edition, due to the digital shift this date will probably shift back a bit as well. The Deluxe Edition will include all DLCs and nice physical goodies.

Runbow features an eye-catching color mechanic that has racers brawl amongst each other while objects and platforms appear or disappear based on the continually changing background color. All multiplayer modes can be played by up to 9 players simultaneously online, while it features 8-player local multiplayer madness on Nintendo Switch as well as 4 player local chaos on PlayStation™4. Besides that, the game features a bevy of content in its single-player modes that will test the skills and minds of any seasoned platformer.

Get in line here for your own review code – Runbow is the party platformer you’ve been waiting for to come to Switch™ and PS4™!

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