Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, mostrato il cambiamento degli sprite durante lo sviluppo

Qualche ora fa è stato pubblicato un nuovo post sul blog di Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, titolo presto in arrivo su Nintendo Switch.

L’immagine pubblicata da FDG Entertainment ci mostra il primo dei nuovi sprite del protagonista, cambiati e migliorati nella loro animazione e grafica.

Il titolo platform/adventure di FDG Entertainment, arriverà nel corso dei prossimi mesi/settimane sull’eShop europeo e americano su Nintendo Switch.

Potete osservare il post sul blog del titolo, in calce all’articolo.

Hand-drawn animation coming to Monster Boy

Dear lovely Monster Boy fans, friends and followers

we’d like to share some news with you today. Are you in a comfortable position and ready to digest another graphics overhaul posting? We sure hope so! :p While we continue to work on our major graphics update for all the levels and areas in the game, we also decided to rework the characters and their animations in the game. Since the early days of the project, the character sprite animation was a big subject in all the internet discussions about the visuals of Monster Boy. We greatly value all your feedback that reaches us via emails, blog, internet message boards, reddit and of course NeoGAF. It’s been tremendously helpful to understand where we are and what we need to improve to create not only a fun game but also a game that’s gorgeous to look at. Worry not, though. It’s not just the graphics we work on. We also use the time to keep improving levels, especially towards the end of the game and several story bits. All the polishing on graphics and gameplay will offer a level of variety that’s rare to be seen in a single game. It’s like playing 6 games in one!

This new version of Jin will tremendously benefit from fully hand-drawn animation.

We’ll reveal the other characters in future blog updates. It’s really important to understand that with the new approach we’re able to animate everything and create a very dynamic character that has unique movements. It’s a pure joy to see the results in motion. We can also let him interact with the environment in a more realistic way.
In comparison with the old Jin sprite you’ll also notice a brighter coloring which is the result of the new animation technology. Some may think that the new traditional animation has drawbacks regarding the visible changes of cloth, armor, weapon, shield and boots but worry not. We have implemented a technology that allows us to still show different weapons and equipment right on the character sprite. Please look forward to see our new tech in action. Until then we hope you have a wonderful time with many cool game releases this Fall and Winter. We’ll be hard at work to finish Monster Boy in the meantime. See ya!

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