Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon, nuove informazioni e screenshots sul Demone Malvasia ed altri aspetti del titolo

Poche ore fa sono emerse nuove informazioni e screenshots riguardanti Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon, titolo in arrivo a fine anno sui Nintendo Switch europei.

Le informazioni e screenshots pubblicati dal sito di Gematsu, ci mostrano altri aspetti del titolo di Gust, come gli stili di combattimento, le location, ma sopratutto la seconda forma del Demone Malvasia.

Il titolo verrà pubblicato con una serie di bonus e costumi, presenti nelle versioni retail iniziali, scaricabili anche nelle prime quattro settimane dal lancio del gioco, in versione digitale.

Nella versione per Nintendo Switch del titolo di Gust, sarà possibile ottenere anche l’Outfit indossato da Yuri Kozukata Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water, esclusiva ai tempi di Wii U.

Ricordiamo che Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon, arriverà il prossimo 27 ottobre 2017 sui Nintendo Switch europei. Potete osservare il nuovo trailer pubblicato, in calce all’articolo.


Malvasia, 2nd Form (voiced by Yui Shimamura)

Malavasia’s 2nd Form wears a ring reminiscent of an angel’s halo, and her body is clad in pure white wings. During battle, she takes aim at Aluche with four weapons held in the four robust, floating arms that surround her.

—Malvasia will try to corner Aluche using various methods.

■ Battle Styles

Combining Lilies and Servans, equippable items, and Aluche’s method of fighting make for an infinite variety of battle styles. Discover a method of fighting that matches your own play style, change up how you fight for each stage and boss, and find a battle style all your own.

Always on the front lines! Aluche’s Assault Style

An offensive style in which Aluche aggressively battles using “Striker” weapons. With great swords, lances, pile bunkers, and so on, Aluche can mow down enemies with an attack range and level of damage that surpasses her blood sword. Also, depending on the skills you have acquired and items you equip that strengthen your SATK, the Striker’s firepower may further increase.

—Aluche’s attack power increases with the transformed “Striker.” Since there is an abundant variety of weapon types, you can take on fiends with your favorite Servan weapon.

—A Lily that provides rear support is a good fit for an Aluche that always fights on the front lines. Camilla, for example, can heal Aluche when she is stunned, and Liliana can revive Aluche when she dies (only once).

Fight hand in hand! Aluche’s Lily Cooperation Style

A style that mainly consists of cooperative Lily skills, Double Chases, and Lily Bursts. Not only can your Lily level up, their equippable items and abilities can also increase, so the max value of their overall firepower is high.

—Ruenheid can deal damage to numerous enemies in a single blow with her wide-range attacks. Veruschka can easily cooperate with Aluche using her close-range attacks, taking no breaks in striking enemies.

Blood sword only! Advantage from Disadvantage Style

A style in which players only use Aluche’s blood sword to cut through to the path ahead. When your HP is low, your attack power increases, you can freely use abilities and items that have effects, and can unleash tremendous firepower that goes beyond the normal limit. Since it is a fighting state in which your HP is always low, you will need the ability to predict and guard against the enemy’s attacks to use this style.

—Eleanor can make chocolate that will restore Aluche’s physical strength, and supports her in the area of slowing down enemies. With Muveil, who has the skill of stopping enemies in their tracks and an attraction ability, you can fight while dividing up the enemy load.

—Arnice is powerful in both Double Chases and Lily Bursts. Arnice is a good fit for the “Cooperative Style” as she can handle attacks, enemy obstruction, and recovery all on her own.

■ Locations

Aluche and company will make their way through the world of Nights of Azure 2, where they will find places with traces that people lived there, as well as several natural landforms. Most places are dominated by fiends, and give off the feeling of a ruined atmosphere, such as a collapsed wall or thick forest.

Yuralm, the Abolished Capital

The abandoned capital city. Approximately four years prior to the beginning of the game, along with a sudden increase in fiends surrounding the city, the city underwent a transition and the people migrated to a new capital. This is Aluche, Liliana, and Ruenheid’s hometown.


Holy Forest

A gloomy forest full of trees. The small lights of fireflies sometimes hang in the air, and there are flower beds quietly blooming in some places. Although buildings that appear to be those of small town can be seen, the increase in fiends have left not even the shadow of a person. There is a river in the forest, as well as various fiends such as bees and wolfs.


Hidden Mine

The Hidden Mine is located in the mountains near Yuralm. There is equipment in place that was used to excavate ores and transport them to Yuralm, but the mine has since fallen silent. The fiends seem to increase in number the further inside you go.


Espheria Royal Academy

The academy once attended by Aluche, Liliana, and Ruenheid. After the city’s transition, the school was closed as it was not expected to receive new students. It is divided into west and east buildings, and there is also a large library and chapel in the school. A beautiful place called “Starfall Hill” is located nearby.


Frozen Moon Palace

A towering palace that stands upon frozen land. Dark, purple clouds hang in the sky above the palace, and a rotting ship is docked in the waters beside it. It gives off an unseemly atmosphere for this world.


Hotel Eterna

A hotel in Yuralm, the Abolished Capital. Camilla, the manager, is in charge, and Kaede, a Servan, assists in her duties. It has facilities such as a pool and church, and a high-class feeling about it. In the lobby, you can sip on the chocolate drinks of the chocolatier who works there.


■ Striker Weapons

Eir, the Phoenix Servan


—Great Sword



When Pitz transforms into a Partisan, it has a wide range of attack, allowing for evasive and long-distance attacks. In a regular battle, it will beat up on enemies with its speedy movement.


Grantz, the Crystal Golem Servan

—Crystal Sword

While it lacks speed, it has high attack firepower and can inflict the enemy with the freeze status ailment.


Alice, the Doll Servan


—Mirror Shield

Alice can transform into a Mirror Shield that can defend against any attack. By charging, the Mirror Shield can fire a beam.


Dump, the Machine Golem Servan


—Pile Bunker

It has the highest single firepower, but the lowest attack and movement speed. However, with its ability to inflict the paralysis status ailment and super armor that is difficult to push back, you should not worry about an enemy counterattack.

Duul, the Lizardman Servan



Duul transforms into a heavyweight lance. With its high single firepower and attack speed, it is number one in damage dealt per second. Its attack scope and range, on the other hand, are not that great.


■ New Servans


A Tricker-type Servan whose body is half-fossilized. In battle, it supports Aluche with speedy movement and high attack power. Since it is the fossilization of an ancient creature, it is worried about the generation gap it has with others.


A Striker-type servan and golem whose body is made of crystal. It is confident in its own beauty and worried about scarring its body. When it transforms and becomes the Crystal Sword, it also shines beautifully.

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