Dragon Quest X Offline: svelati nuovi dettagli in merito alle Wena Islands

Square Enix ha svelato nuovi dettagli in merito alle Wena Islands in Dragon Quest X Offline, prossimamente disponibile su Nintendo Switch.

Il decimo capitolo in modalità offline, sarà infatti pubblicato solamente a partire dall’estate 2022 sull’eShop giapponese di Nintendo Switch.

Dragon Quest X Offline, così come suggerisce il nome, potrà infatti essere giocato senza una connessione Internet sempre attiva, con un nuovo stile grafico ed altre differenze che lo distingueranno dal vecchio MMORPG

Potete trovare informazioni in merito di seguito.


– The Wena Islands are a collection of islands in southwest Astoltia, with beautiful beaches and nature spread across each island
– In the northern islands, there are various jungle areas overgrown with trees, such as the Tropical Rainforest and the Keracona Primeval Forest
– Beaches have palm-like trees, and the crystal clear sea is filled with beautiful coral reefs.
– In and around the Booneer Rainforest in the north, you will find many waterfalls such as the “Honesty Grand Falls”
– “Nekojima” is an island inhabited solely by monsters that look like cats
– The cat people, which understand human speech, are said to live there

Wetlings, The Water People

– A race that lives with freedom on the beautiful islands of Wena
– They are sensitive, and value love and songs
– They can swim better than other races, likely because of the fins on their ears and back
– The Wetlings have a unique marriage custom in which the groom gives the bride a seashell, and the bride returns the feeling with a song
– Maybe because they are descendants of a race that originally lived in the sea, fish-loving cats are not the Wetlings’ cup of tea
– The Queen of the Verinard Kingdom sings the “Song of Blessing” to support the lives of the Wetlings

Villages and Towns

– Lane Village is located on the southeastern island of Wena
– Julett Town is located on the central island
– Verinard Castle Town is built atop the water right off the northwestern island, and can only be visited by ferry or train
– Lane Village: A small, seaside village full of palm-like trees and colorful flowers; has an orphanage north of the town
– Julett Town: A town where the houses are made out of stone; has a huge windmill on the upper level, and a big beach on the lower level
– Verinard Castle / Verinard Castle Town: A circular, three-level castle town with a castle on the top level; has a balcony called Shell Bridge

The Characters You Will Encounter

– In addition to Fuser, your party member to be who you will first encounter in Lane Village and Julett Town
– You will also meet the Queen who governs the Wetlings in the Wena Islands’ largest town, Verinard Castle Town
– Fuser A young man raised in the orphanage in Lane Village. He dreams of traveling the world and trains in the sword every day; after meeting Somya, he joins the protagonist on their adventure
– Researcher Kinner: A researcher who belongs to the Verinard Royal Research Commission; has a habit of taking light steps when explaining something
– Prince Odis: A studious and hardworking prince; strongly opinionated and sometimes does not listen to others
– Somya: A girl without any relatives who lives in Julett Town. She has felt lonely in her solitary life.
– Caslan: A travelling diviner known for her remarkable abilities; Prince Odis has tremendous faith in her
– Queen Diore: The Queen of the Verinard Kingdom; has the power to bless the water with divine protection through the “Song of Blessing” passed down in the royal family from generation to generation

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