Dragalia Lost: ora disponibile la nuova sessione degli Astral Raids con Qitian Dasheng

Il servizio notifiche di Dragalia Lost ha annunciato l’arrivo imminente dei nuovi Astral Raids con Qitian Dasheng, disponibili ora nel titolo mobile.

Dragalia Lost si arricchirà dell’evento: Astral Raids, che renderà accessibili nuovi livelli e missioni nelle Event Quests, accessibili dal 13 marzo 2021.

Il titolo realizzato in partnership con Cygames, uno studio giapponese che collaborerà con Nintendo nella realizzazione del titolo RPG “free to play”, è approdato il 27 settembre 2018 su iOS e Android negli USA.

Astral Raids Are Starting Soon!

Astral Raids will arrive in Event Quests starting 03/13/2021 at 07:00!

The Astrals.
They are the culmination of countless memories amassed from the corners of the world.
They are the recollection of past ruin on the constant brink of reemergence.
They are the calamities that descended upon the world in bygone days.
Cleanse a world scourged by the flames of catastrophe!
See below for more information on Astral Raids.
■Featured Boss
Qitian Dasheng
■Astral Raids Overview
・Astral Raids are event quests where you can fight against past raid bosses, but they are only available on the weekends.
・To challenge Astral Raids quests, you will need to use astral pieces.
・You can spend astral pieces for multiple battles in a single go, allowing you to claim rewards for multiple raids in a single raid battle.
Example: If you use the number of astral pieces required for three battles, you will receive three times the rewards.
■Astral Pieces
・Astral pieces can be obtained by clearing main campaign quests and event quests.
・You will not receive astral pieces for clearing The Mercurial Gauntlet quests.
・You will not receive astral pieces for clearing quests while Astral Raids are active.
・The maximum number of astral pieces you can hold is 300.
・If you obtain astral pieces after reaching the limit, those astral pieces will be lost.
・You can purchase astral pieces from the shop while Astral Raids are active. If you have insufficient astral pieces when attempting to challenge a quest, you can also purchase them at that time.
1. Players must have completed up to Chapter 2 / 2-1 (Normal) of the main campaign to participate in Astral Raids.
2. Players must have completed up to Chapter 2 / 2-1 (Normal) of the main campaign in order to play co-op.
Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.

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