Dragalia Lost: annunciato l’arrivo imminente del Summon Showcase, Divine Deception


Il servizio notifiche di Dragalia Lost ha annunciato l’arrivo del nuovo Summon Showcase, Divine Deception, disponibile nelle prossime ore nel titolo mobile.

Dragalia Lost si arricchirà dell’evento: Divine Deception, che permetterà di ottenere nuovi personaggi e draghi, oltre a nuovi stage, dal prossimo 3 marzo 2021.

Il titolo realizzato in partnership con Cygames, uno studio giapponese che collaborerà con Nintendo nella realizzazione del titolo RPG “free to play”, è approdato il 27 settembre 2018 su iOS e Android negli USA.

Announcing the Next Summon Showcase, Divine Deception!

A Summon Showcase, Divine Deception, kicks off 03/03/2021 at 07:00!
Appearance rates for featured adventurers and dragons will be boosted during this showcase!
Newly added featured adventurer and dragon:
5★ Faris (flame/long-range manacaster)
5★ Gabriel (water)
Featured adventurer and dragon:
4★ Emma (flame/lance)
4★ Vodyanoy (water)
Availability period for showcase summons:
03/03/2021 at 07:00 to 03/12/2021 at 06:59
Get a closer look at the newly added featured adventurer and dragon below.
Featured adventurer:
  • Lv80
  • 10
  • HP754
  • Strength505
Available Modes
Adventurer Details
  • One of the apostles of the northern Ilian Church.
    Stern in demeanor, he has a penchant for grading
    everything numerically. He bears Uriel’s Sigil,
    and strives to meet the angel’s expectations
    through his unflagging efforts in the pursuit of
Carbunculus Balletto


Deals damage to enemies in a line, and inflicts
scorchrend. During Sigil Released, this skill also
inflicts the “Uriel’s Wrath” debuff.Uriel’s Wrath has three progressively more
powerful levels.
Lv. 1: For 15 seconds, reduces strength by 15%.
Lv. 2: For 15 seconds, reduces strength by 20%.
Lv. 3: For 10 seconds, reduces strength by 30%
and scorchrend resistance by 20%.

If Uriel’s Wrath is inflicted while already active,
it will be raised one level. Conversely, it will be
lowered one level when the effect’s remaining time
is depleted. If the effect is at level one when this
time is depleted, it will instead be removed entirely.

Damage: 2,709 × 1 hit
Skill Energy Required: 3,810
Special Effects:
Lasts 21 seconds
Triggers every 2.9 seconds
Damage: 41.6<color=#00008b>During Ability Effect:
Damage: 1,507 × 2 hits
Skill Energy Required: 3,810
Skill Energy Required (Shared Skill): 13,144
Special Effects:
・Uriel’s Wrath
Lasts 15 seconds
Lasts 21 seconds
Triggers every 2.9 seconds
Damage: 41.6

Prudens Knowledge
Grants the user the “Uriel’s Blessing” effect.
Skill Energy Required: 7,560
Special Effects:
・Uriel’s Blessing
Reflexive Evasion
Charges: 3
Does not stack
Gauge Accelerator +20%
Speeds the rate the mode gauge decreases
by 20%. Benefits your whole team.
Chain Co-ability
(Flame) HP 80% = Wind Res +6%
If a team member is attuned to Flame:
reduces wind damage taken by them by 6%
when their HP is 80% or above.
Benefits your whole team.
Uriel’s Covenant II
Inflicts the “Locked Sigil” debuff on the user at
the start of quests for 300 seconds, and grants
the user a unique force strike. While charging
this force strike, if the user is hit by an attack
that can be avoided with the damage immunity
provided by skills, they will automatically dodge
the attack, deal flame damage to enemies in a line,
and inflict them with the “Uriel’s Wrath” debuff.Locked Sigil’s remaining time will be reduced by
36 seconds each time the user dodges an attack.
After activating, this effect will not activate again
for 10 seconds.

When the Locked Sigil effect wears off, the user
will be granted the “Sigil Released” effect instead.
Sigil Released increases damage to scorchrent
enemies by 35%, damage dealt by standard attacks
and force strikes, and the amount skill gauges are
filled by standard attacks and force strikes.
It also increases the user’s skill gauge fill rate by
12% while they have the “Uriel’s Blessing” effect.

Sleep Res +100%
Reduces susceptibility to sleep by 100%.
Uriel’s Judgment II
Inflicts an attacking enemy with the “Uriel’s
Wrath” debuff when the user dodges that
enemy’s attack. After activating, this ability
will not activate again for 15 seconds.
・The stats shown here do not include increases or decreases due to abilities, and represent the adventurer at level 80 with 50 mana nodes unlocked, not the stats when first obtained.
Featured dragon:
  • Lv100
  • HP370
  • Strength125
Dragon Details
  • One of the dragons known as the Five Archangels.
    Though gentle and free-spirited, she is strong
    and dauntless at her core. She feels a motherly
    love for Pinon, her Sigil-sworn apostle, that
    occasionally borders on overprotectiveness.
Angelic Devotion
Deals water damage to enemies in a line,
and inflicts frostbite.
Damage: 1,722 × 1 hit
Special Effects:
Lasts 21 seconds
Triggers every 2.9 seconds
Damage: 41
(Water) Strength +60%
If the user is attuned to Water:
increases strength by 60%.
(Water) Gabriel’s Favor II
If the user is attuned to Water:
activates the “Gabriel’s Love” effect when
their HP is restored. Gabriel’s Love increases
strength by 10% and defense by 50%, and
grants a one-use shield that nullifies damage
up to 10% of the user’s maximum HP.
This shield can stack with ordinary shields.
Gabriel’s Love will not stack, its effects are
lost upon taking damage, and, after activating,
this ability will not activate again for 10 seconds.
・The stats shown here represent the dragon at maximum level, maximum bond, and fully unbound. They do not represent the stats when first obtained.
Note: For more information about summoning, tap Summon on the in-game footer menu, then select Showcase Info and check the Details tab.
Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.

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