Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition, il titolo aggiornato alla versione 2.58.0 su Nintendo Switch

Qualche ora fa è stato rilasciato un nuovo update per Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition, titolo aggiornato alla versione 2.58.0 su Nintendo Switch.

Il titolo è stato pubblicato da Red Cerberus, lo scorso 8 agosto 2019 anche sull’eShop europeo e americano di Nintendo Switch.

Potete trovare il changelog dell’update, in calce all’articolo.

[TECH][FPS] The CPU/GPU response time is above 40+ milliseconds on all maps

[COPPERLANE][GOOSE AND FOX] The title is crashing during the transition between the 1st Floor and the 2nd Floor of the “Goose and Fox”

[HOTFIX] Update Health Bar Periodically

[FUNCTIONALITY][RUSSETWOOD] Pathing issues when in Flames-That-Whisper Cavern

[HERITAGE HILL][UNDYING HERITAGE] The title crashes between transitions while having the quest active

[UI][BUFF] The buff symbols are misaligned after a loading screen

[UI][LEVEL UP] “Level Up” message after a battle but no glowing + icon on the character portrait

[FQA/Graphics] A flicker occurs in a wall when moving near it in the Temple of Eothas

[FQA/TRUNCATION] Paladin Order character is truncated in the Inventory menu

[GILDED VALE] Walking backwards during scripted event

[THE MINES] Unresponsive controls in specific part of the mines in Durgan’s Battery

[AR_1402] Purple Loot From Spectre Spirits

[UI] Game Becomes Unresponsive When Changing Languages In-Game

[VISUAL] The light effect seems to not work properly

[FQA/FUNCTIONALITY] Enemies sometimes disengage from a battle without any warning on Endless Paths of Caed Nua

[VISUAL/SHIELD] Shields equipped does not display in-game

[ACTIVE EFFECTS] “Active Effects” feedback has missing textures

[UI][TEXT] The tips displayed during loading screens appears corrupted

[INVENTORY] Can’t hear samples when changing character voice in-game

[LIVE][VFX][WIZARD] The VFX for Kalakoth’s Sunless Grasp are broken

[LIVE][ANIMATION] Oozes’s animations are corrupted

[FQA/COLLISION] Characters get stuck between trees in Crägholdt Bluffs

[CHARACTER][UI] The Characters buffs is displayed as placeholder after performing a transition

[COMBAT][FERRY FLOTSAM] The party gets teleported right after finishing the dialog with the bandits

[CRAGHOLDT] The input is lost upon interacting with the lever inside the Cragholdt Ruins

[STRONGHOLD] Actions events are misplaced

[VFX][TRAPS] VFX for traps are corrupted

[COMBAT][CAED NUA] Upon disengaging, the enemies stop attacking

[UI][TEXT] The text inside the Save Game icon appears corrupted when playing both the Main Game and the White March DLC

[FQA/PERFORMANCE/AR_0201] After the cutscene of the quest “The Hermit of Hadret House” the FPS goes below 20

[AR_0401] FPS 26 – 30 on the Brackenbury map

[AR_0703_Ruin_Exterior] Under 25 FPS in Cilant Lis Exterior

[AR_1401] 22-30 on the Burial Isle Map During Visions

[PX1_0201] Low FPS (25-26) Everywhere On The Map

[PX1_0204] Low FPS (24-26) Running Around

[TEMPLE OF EOTHAS] Texture flicks in one of the stone doors

[UI/INVENTORY] Sever Soulbind action is shown as Bind Soul

[FQA/TRUNCATION] The description of the Combat Tutorial is truncated

[FQA/Text overlaps] The properties of items found are overlapping each other

[FQA/UI] Tooltip highlight doesn’t work properly on certain words

[FQA/ANIMATION] It’s possible to walk backward during the first cutscene of Gilded Vale

[FQA/GRAPHICS] The particles of the fire spells are mixing with the scenario

[VISUAL] Capes are not positioned correctly on characters

[GAMEPLAY] “Interact” Prompt Is Displayed But Interaction Doesn’t Work

[ACTIVE EFFECTS] Active Effects feedback is misplaced in the HUD

[UI][MECHANICS] Stealing icon still shown in Osrya’s lab

[DISPLAY MODE][LOADING] The Loading screen logo disappears after switching from Handheld mode to TV mode or vice-versa

[MAIN MENU] When booting for the first time the “New Game” and “Continue” buttons are both highlighted

[LIVE][UI] Portrait remains highlighted upon transitioning between locations or buildings and the open world

[LIVE][UI][CHANTER] The description for the Chanter’s “But Reny…” is incomplete

[UI][COMBAT] The Attack Cursor doubles when selecting an enemy unit

[AR_0301] FPS 28 – 30 on the Ondra’s Gift map

[AR_0707] FPS 28-30 on the Raedrics Hold map

[AR_1201] FPS 28-30 on the Oldsong map

[AR_0811] FPS 27-30 during the Combat

[AR_0401] 27 FPS In Brackenbury Sometimes

[AUTOSAVE][PROGRESS][EXPLOIT] Disabling the Autosave will lead to the repopulation of cleared areas and to the reappearance of Fog of War

[PROGRESS][CAED NUA]Upon entering Caed Nua from the courtyard, either a white screen will be displayed or the title will exit to the Main Menu

[PROGRESS] White screens are encountered when traveling from one location to another

[GAME DESIGN][CINEMATIC] The character remains stuck in a cinematic after clearing enemies in Burial Island

[PROGRESS][OD NUA] Travelling to Od Nua Level 1 reverts the title to the Main Menu with a Loading Error message

[PROGRESS][OD NUA] Killing Maerwald in Od Nua level 1 will result in the inability to return to the Dungeons of Caed Nua

[WHITE MARCH][WHITE SCREEN] The “White Screen” issue is present in both “Taena’s house” and “Renengild’s house”

[VERSION] Release Version And Application Version For Fourth Patch

[CRASH][DURGAN’S BATTERY] Transitions between Durgan’s Battery and other locations is resulting in a freeze

[END-GAME][LOADING] The title crashes when performing a transition between “Breith Eaman” and “Sun in Shadow” locations

[LIVE][CRASH]The title crashes when performing transitions between different locations

[ENGINE][TEXT] Engine Error preset in Ciliant Lis

[PROGRESS][SAVEFILE] Travelling to Stalwart results in a return to the Main Menu and a Loading Error message

[BRIGHTHOLLOW][GAME DESIGN ]When trying to enter the Brighthollow, the title will revert to the Main Menu

[PROGRESS][BLACK MEADOW] The vision near the dragon skeleton does not play

[QUESTS][ONDRA’S GIFT] White screen encountered in abandoned house in Ondra’s Gift

[CRASH][PROGRESS][ONDRA’S GIFT] Exiting the Abandoned House in Ondra’s Gift results in a crash

[CRASH][PROGRESS] Black screen after loading results in hang and progress loss

[PERFORMANCE][FPS][CAED NUA] Traveling from Raedric’s Hold to Caed Nua will result in a substantial FPS drop

[VISUAL][TEMPLE OF WOEDICA] Textures are not layered properly resulting in “invisible” characters

[VISUAL][HADRET HOUSE] Textures are not layered properly and the bottom halves of the characters are missing

[LIVE][ATTACKS][RANGED] All ranged attacks of companions and/or enemies miss and are not registered

[VISUAL][CAED NUA] Although Caed Nua has multiple upgrades, there is vegetation re-growth on the Eastern Barbican and the Great Hall entrance

[VISUAL][CLIABAN RILAG] The Cliaban Rilag waterfall’s VFX is corrupted

[CHANTER][VFX] Corrupted VFX for the “But Reny Daret’s Ghost, He Would not Rest” when used by the Chanter

[VISUAL][BRACKENBURY] White spots are displayed when opening the area map

[SANITARIUM][CHEST] Interactable locked chest within Caedman Azo’s chamber cannot be opened

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