Nekopara Vol.4: uno sguardo in video alla visual novel dai Nintendo Switch europei

Recentemente abbiamo pubblicato un video gameplay dedicato a Nekopara Vol.4, ufficialmente in arrivo nelle prossime settimane sui Nintendo Switch.

Il quarto volume della visual novel di Neko Works, sarà pubblicato sull’eShop europeo, americano e giapponese di Nintendo Switch il prossimo 22 dicembre 2020, 

Ricordiamo che il primo volume della visual novel neko “piccante” di Neko Works, divisa su STEAM in quattro volumi distinti, è stata pubblicata il 4 luglio 2018 sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch.

The heartful Neko comedy is open for business again!

“NEKOPARA Vol.4”, the fourth installment of the world-famous NEKOPARA adventure game series, has arrived on Nintendo Switch™!

・The fourth installment of the series again features gorgeous artwork by NEKO WORKs.
・Characters are brought to life with animated character sprites utilizing the E-mote Engine.
・All story scenes are fully voiced (except for the protagonist).
・CG gallery mode is also included.
・Opening song “SWEETxSWEET” sung by KOTOKO.

NEKOPARA is here once again, ready for everyone all around the world!

Despite the popularity of Kashou Minaduki’s patisserie, “La Soleil”, his father continues to disapprove of it.
Seeing how troubled Kashou was, Shigure offers up a suggestion as a change of pace.
A hot springs trip with Chocola, Vanilla and the other catpanions.

With Azuki and Coconut’s encouragement, Kashou is determined to confront his father while Maple and Cinnamon suggest a trip to France to seek advice from the teacher who taught him his craft.
But why is Shigure also tagging along!?

An encounter with a new catgirl in France…

This story is a heartwarming cat comedy about the growth Kashou experiences
through his catpanions and the bonds with them and his family… with a little ecchi on the side, too.

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