Lonely Mountains: Downhill, uno sguardo in video al DLC di Eldfjall Island sui Nintendo Switch europei


Recentemente abbiamo pubblicato un video gameplay sul DLC: Eldfjall Island di Lonely Mountains: Downhill, disponibile da tempo su Nintendo Switch.

Il racing arcade simulativo di Thunderful, è stato pubblicato lo scorso 7 maggio 2020 sull’eShop europeo e americano di Nintendo Switch. 

Potete trovare il video pubblicato in calce all’articolo.

Explore and race down the Lonely Mountains!

Just you and your bike – take it on a thrilling ride down an unspoiled mountain landscape. Make your way through thick forests, narrow trails and wild rivers. Race, jump, slide and try not to crash – all the way from the peak to the valley!

Key Features:
• Travel to the Lonely Mountains! Ride along quiet mountain lakes, majestic forests and steep canyons
• A custom physics system lets you carefully drop from boulder to boulder, sprint over abysses or slide through muddy grounds
• Find your own way – take a relaxing scenic route or go off-road to find the fastest way to the finish line!
• No audience, no barrier tapes – experience a beautiful nature unspoiled by men
• Find the perfect bike for your playstyle and unlock dozens of paint jobs and outfits!
• Compete with friends and prove your speed-running skills on the leaderboards

Lonely Mountains: Downhill – Eldfjall Island

Pack your raincoat and bring your beloved bike to the volcanic island of Eldfjall – the largest Lonely Mountain yet.


4 new trails with new challenges and resting spots await you
New special effects: ride through the thunderstorm or find your way down an erupting volcano.
Satisfy your inner viking and unlock unique outfits, helmets, and paint jobs
Upgrade your existing outfits with the new pro helmet
Complete your fashion style with new unlockable backpacks
Make your name famous on the leaderboards

Eldfjall – a new Lonely Mountain for you to explore!

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