Kin’iro Loveriche e Kin’iro Loveriche: Golden Time in arrivo il 25 febbraio 2021 sui Nintendo Switch giapponesi

Qualche ora fa è emerso l’arrivo di Kin’iro Loveriche e Kin’iro Loveriche: Golden Time, titoli disponibili nei prossimi mesi sui Nintendo Switch giapponesi.

Le due visual novel di Entergram, saranno infatti pubblicate entrambe il prossimo 25 febbraio 2021 sull’eShop giapponese di Nintendo Switch,

Potete trovare informazioni in merito ai due titoli di seguito.


Noble Private Academy: Where the ladies and gentlemen of the future are raised. At this boarding school, students not only learn basic education, but are also taught how to be dignified. This year is especially unique since royalty from the small Scandinavian country of Sortilege were invited to the school. Ouro caught the eye of the princess Sylvia after a certain incident, which led to him being beaten up at the school and ultimately placed into a vacant room in the girls’ dormitory.



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