Maglam Lord: pubblicato il video della diretta del Tokyo Game Show 2020

Qualche ora fa è stato pubblicato un nuovo video dedicato a Maglam Lord, titolo indipendente prossimamente disponibile sui Nintendo Switch nipponici.

L’action RPG di D3 Publisher e Felistella, sarà infatti pubblicato nel corso dell’inverno 2020 sull’eShop giapponese di Nintendo Switch.

Potete trovare il video in questione di seguito.


In a world where immortal gods and demon lords fight to no end to dominate the realm…

Killrizark, the “Demon Lord of Swords” who can mutilate and destroy even such high-ranking beings without question, was strongly viewed by both sides as the “enemy of the world.”

Eventually the Demon Lord of Swords became surrounded by an alliance of gods and demon lords, and was on the verge of being sealed by the Supreme God of Light, Granginion, and his mighty fist.

However, by the devotion of his loyal retainer and “Demon Lord of Iron” Balgackyn, he managed to escape from danger. The worn-out master and servant escaped their pursuers and somehow managed to reach refuge, but fell into a long slumber in order to regain their strength.

Time passed, and the Demon Lord of Swords who finally awakened was shocked to find that his strength had not recovered. That being the case, one should go around eating all the souls within reach to make a swift and complete recovery! The Demon Lord of Swords triumphantly swung into action.

But, what awaited him outside of his lair was a woman with a sweet smile and unfamiliar attire.

“Good morning, Demon Lord. The government has classified you an ‘endangered species.’”

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