Azur Lane: Crosswave, il titolo in arrivo a febbraio 2021 su Nintendo Switch


Idea Factory ha recentemente annunciato il periodo di uscita di Azur Lane: Crosswave, titolo prossimamente disponibile anche su Nintendo Switch.

L’action shooter 3D di Idea Factory e Compile Heart, sarà pubblicato nel mese di febbraio 2021 sui Nintendo Switch europei, americani e giapponesi di Nintendo Switch.

Potete trovare l’annuncio ufficiale di seguito.


LOS ANGELES, CA., October 14, 2020 – Ready up, Commanders! We’re excited to announce that the PlayStation®4 and Steam® 3D action shooter game, Azur Lane: Crosswave will launch physically and digitally on the Nintendo Switch™ February 2021!

New features of the Nintendo Switch version include:​

  • Taihou and Formidable, formerly DLC for the PS4/Steam version, are included as playable characters! Both come with 3 support characters each and additional story content.
  • An updated Photo Mode: You can now pose up to 6 characters instead of 3 for more photo shoot fun! Get creative with new extended camera angles.

The game is now available physically and digitally on the PlayStation 4 in North America, Europe, and on Steam.

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