Sacrifice of the Abyss: il titolo in arrivo il 17 dicembre sui Nintendo Switch giapponesi

D3 Publisher ha recentemente annunciato l’arrivo di Sacrifice of the Abyss, prossimamente disponibile sui Nintendo Switch nipponici.

La versione migliorata dell’adventure game uscito su PSP nel 2010, sarà pubblicata il 17 dicembre 2020 sui Nintendo Switch giapponesi, al prezzo di 3,990 yen, 4,800 per la versione retail.

Potete trovare l’annuncio ufficiale di seguito.


Five girls are trapped in a closed underground city. What lies beyond the betrayal and killings? Is it hope? Or despair?

A fusion of suspense adventure and escape game, Sacrifice of the Abyss is a full-scale suspense story of mystery after mystery. The adventure parts are fully voiced by a cast of wonderful voice actors. And the escape parts offer a high difficulty that will even impress escape game fans.

Key Features

  • Better Looking, Easier to Play, and Additional Features – The graphics coloring has been reformed, bringing Miki and company’s story back to life more vividly than ever before. Other new features have also been added, including a hint function, gallery mode to view event images and out-of-game illustrations at any time, and touchscreen support.
  • A Zapping Scenario of Despair After Despair in Search of Hope – Stages unfold for each character. Depending on the order you play each stage, the content and ending of even stages with the same name will change. And the results may mean life or death for the girl… The girls will overcome numerous despair in search of hope. What truth awaits them?
  • Supported Languages – Supports English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese text language options. Voice-overs are Japanese-only.
  • Supported Modes (Switch Version) – Supports TV mode, table mode, and handheld mode.
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