Blade Assault: il platform 2D roguelike in arrivo prossimamente su Nintendo Switch

Qualche ora fa è stato pubblicato un trailer dalla Gamescom 2020 dedicato a Blade Assault, indie in arrivo prossimamente su Nintendo Switch.

Il platform/action 2D roguelike di Neowiz Games e Team Suneat, sarà infatti pubblicato nei prossimi mesi sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch

Potete trovare l’annuncio ufficiale di seguito.

After the devastating Red Stone War, the world is divided into three regions: the mutant infested outside grounds, the Undercity where people have fled to seek refuge from mutants, and the sky city Esperanza where the rich and powerful rule over the world. Fight against the corrupt military of Esperanza as part of the resistance force of the Undercity. Bring the corrupt to justice by becoming stronger and fighting alongside your trusty comrades.

Blade Assault is a 2D action roguelite platformer with beautiful pixel art set in a desolate sci-fi world. The game features tight, responsive controls and a cast of charming characters. Playable characters have various transformable weapons that they use to battle against their enemies. Weapons can be further customized by different “Cores” and “Transform Upgrades” that appear randomly during gameplay.

Satisfying fast-paced combat. Utilizing diverse skills, dodging enemy attacks by dashing, launching projectiles, slashing away mobs of enemies. Your attacks change according to the “Cores” you select and the upgrades you decide to take on your runs.

Meet NPCs and find upgrades along your quest to unlock unique powers. Each playable character has their own weapons of choice kept in their own armory.

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