Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 3, la visual novel in arrivo il 22 luglio sull’eShop giapponese di Nintendo Switch

Prototype ha recentemente annunciato la data di uscita di Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 3, titolo in arrivo prossimamente su Nintendo Switch.

Il terzo volume della nota serie visual novel, sarà disponibile dal prossimo 22 luglio 2020 sui Nintendo Switch giapponesi, con supporto alla lingua inglese, giapponese e cinese semplificato.

Potete trovare informazioni in merito ai titoli di seguito.

Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 3

Grisaia: Phantom Trigger is a visual novel. More specifically, it is a kinetic novel, without any branching routes. Returning character artist Akio Watanabe and writer Ryuta Fujisaki bring you the latest installment in the acclaimed Grisaia series, Grisaia: Phantom Trigger.


While Rena and Maki recover from their injuries, the other SORD members jet off overseas for a school trip. Within moments of their arrival, though, the Mihama gang are pulled into a manhunt for a SORD deserter, assisted by students Sylvia and Velvet of St. Aile’s International School. Tohka’s the star of the show this time round, but she’s wrestling with her own issues ? old memories of her parents, and a promise to a friend that she wasn’t able to keep…

“You’re right. There’s a reason we need to get back… even if it means crawling home on our hands and knees.”

“Let’s meet up again someday… if we’re still alive.”

And introducing Sengoku Ayame – Sengoku Ichiru’s brother, and a handler at St. Aile’s:

“If takin’ her in alive’s too much of a challenge, just get rid of her—I don’t give a damn. I wanna see this mess cleaned up.”

What answers will Tohka find? She has the truth in her sight…

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