Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid, ora disponibile la versione 2.1.0 sui Nintendo Switch europei

Qualche ora fa è stato rilasciato un nuovo update per Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, ora arrivato alla versione 2.1.0 sui Nintendo Switch europei.

La nota serie ventennale di Saban, è approdata per la prima volta con la sua trasparizione videoludica sull’ibrida di Nintendo il 26 marzo 2019.

Potete trovare informazioni sull’aggiornamento di seguito.

Ver. 2.1.0

Gameplay Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where throw attempts forced “autocorrect” on every frame. Throw facing direction is now fixed, preventing cases where an opponent crossing up a character’s throw animation would allow the character to instantaneously turn around to grab the opponent.

Fixed an issue with characters transitioning into their tech throw (throw break) state when blocking an attack after whiffing their throw attempt.

Kat Manx

Catwheel hitstun reduced by 3 frames, mitigating the comboability of follow-up attacks. You can still link standing light after a Catwheel, if Catwheel is one of the first moves in your sequence.

Mastodon Sentry

Fixed an issue with Mastodon Sentry’s stagger duration being lower than others.


Fixed an issue where Goldar would transition into his back Special (Giant Leap) follow-up state while his enemy is unaffected.

Jen Scotts

Fixed an issue that allowed Jen to dash cancel (3F kara window) out of her crouching medium attack.

Dai Shi

Fixed an issue with many of Dai Shi’s normal attacks inflating the juggle limiter value.
Fixed an issue with Dai Shi’s wall cling sequences that allowed the enemy to fly past the screen edge.

Eric Myers

Neutral Special (Blaster): canceling into back Special (Formation: Sword) and forward Special (Quantum Leap) is now much more lenient. I.e., inputting Special > Special > back + Special should always result in Blaster, Blaster, Formation: Sword.

Additionally, Eric can now cancel his Blaster charge into Formation: Sword or Quantum Leap (before reaching max charge)

Fixed an edge case issue with Maximum (charged Blaster) causing an unexpected hit reaction. It now forces a wall bounce on even glancing strikes.

Fixed an issue with EX Attack being considered grounded while Eric is airborne..


Fixed an issue that allowed Jason to cancel his standing light into standing heavy, when whiffed.

Lord Zedd

Fixed an issue that allowed the opponent to perform an assist takeover on the frame that Zedd’s super connects, fixing an edge case (a hilarious one) where the opponent is active during Zedd’s super cinematic.

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