Reed Remastered: il platform e’ in arrivo il 14 febbraio sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch

Poche ore fa e’ stato annunciato l’arrivo di un titolo indipendente, Reed Remastered, disponibile questa settimana sui Nintendo Switch europei.

L’action platformer di Ratalaika Games e PXLink sarà pubblicato il prossimo 14 febbraio 2020 sull’eShop europeo e americano di Nintendo Switch, al prezzo di $4.99 / €4.99.

Collect cubes to save the virtual world!

Long ago in a beautiful and mysterious world an old supercomputer created the digital world that is now breaking down. In a final effort to stop the impending end of the virtual space, a small creature named Reed was created to save the world.

Help Reed collect information cubes in order to recalibrate the world and reboot the system. Avoid enemies and traps along the way to successfully move onto the next world!

The virtual world now depends entirely on you and your platforming skills!



  • 50 levels to conquer
  • Beautiful pixel art graphics
  • Ambient music while collecting cubes
  • Unique traps across the adventure
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