Fureraba: Friend to Lover, la visual novel e’ in arrivo prossimamente sui Nintendo Switch in Occidente

Poche ore fa e’ stato annunciato l’arrivo di Fureraba: Friend to Lover, disponibile prossimamente sui Nintendo Switch in Occidente.

La visual novel di NekoNyan e Smee sarà pubblicato nei prossimi mesi anche sull’eShop europeo e americano di Nintendo Switch.

Potete trovare l’opening movie e informazioni sul titolo di seguito.


The season of the cherry blossoms, and a time of new beginnings, new encounters, and new people.

For Aoba Kyousuke, this new season marks the start of his second year in high school, and after taking a moment to reflect and looking at the friends around him…
All he can find is a dumbass too horny for his own good, and a weirdo who can’t get over his strange fetish for lizard-humanoid creatures.

Sure enough, he enjoys hanging out with them, and he wouldn’t ever think of giving it up,
but something feels missing. A precious, valuable part of everyone’s adolescence, and something he might just miss out on at this rate…
What is that something? Why, love. So upon realizing this, he shouts out to the world–


He’ll need to give it his all, of course, because he knows that love does not come to those who just wait.

Key Features
● Pure Love Story
● Beautiful Artstyle
● Dating Sim Elements: Conquer the heroines in interactive dialogues
● Changeable hairstyles or clothes for heroines
● Four adorable and cute heroine routes
● Funny side characters and hilarious dialogue
● 30-50 hours of content

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