Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: il titolo aggiornato alla versione 7.0.0 su Nintendo Switch

Nintendo ha recentemente pubblicato un nuovo update di Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, ora aggiornato alla versione 7.0.0 sui Nintendo Switch europei.


Una nuova patch per il picchiaduro della casa nipponica e’ stata infatti rilasciata dalla casa nipponica, e al solito non sarà possibile rivedere replay salvati nelle vecchie versioni di Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Ver. 7.0.0 (Released January 28, 2020)

  • Offline
    • The following spirits will appear in the Shop on the Vault menu:
      • Edelgard
      • Dimitri (Fire Emblem)
      • Claude
      • Sothis
      • Rhea
      • Seteth
      • Dorothea
      • Ingrid
      • Hilda (Fire Emblem)
    • The following spirits will appear in the Shop and Spirit Board.
      • Radiant Gleam
      • Kloster (Grief)
      • Bullet Walker (Brigadier General)
      • High Line (Guns Empress)
      • I-Tetrimino
      • T-Tetrimino
      • S-Tetrimino & Z-Tetrimino
      • L-Tetrimino & J-Tetrimino
      • O-Tetrimino

      These are spirits that appeared in a previous spirit event that was held for a limited time.

  • Misc.
    • The following downloadable content will be usable after purchase:
      • Byleth Challenger Pack
      • Cuphead Hat + Outfit
      • Altaïr Hood + Outfit
      • Rabbids Hat
      • MegaMan.EXE’s Helmet + Armor
      • X’s Helmet + Armor
    • You cannot make videos of replays that contain DLC you have not purchased (fighters, stages, music, Mii Fighter costumes, etc.).
    • Game-balance adjustments have been made. Please see the details of fixes and changes to fighters.
    • Several issues have been fixed to improve gameplay experience.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate è stato pubblicato lo scorso 7 dicembre 2018 sui Nintendo Switch europei, americani e giapponesi.

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