Mushroom Quest: uno sguardo in video al titolo dai Nintendo Switch europei

Poco fa abbiamo pubblicato un video gameplay dedicato a Mushroom Quest, indie game disponibile prossimamente su Nintendo Switch.

Il puzzle game strategico di Drageus Games sarà pubblicato il prossimo 23 dicembre 2019 sull’eShop europeo ed americano di Nintendo Switch.

Potete trovare il video pubblicato di seguito.

A fresh and original take on a classic puzzle genre. Perfect if you want both peaceful and intense mental challenges.

Mushroom Quest is based on the addictive and brain-busting principles of the “blocks-moving” puzzle games but add some innovative gameplay elements. Take your time to solve the riddles and pass each level…if you can. Seven out of ten testers could not play further than the 15th level. Will you be creative enough to find your way out of the 30 mazes?


What can you expect:

–    Innovative features implemented in the classic blocks-moving puzzle genre

–    No time pressure but intense riddles for the analytical side of your brain

–    Every level requires a unique and creative approach to pass

–    Pleasant pixel art and music to make the experience more relaxing

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