Kamiori: il puzzle game basato sugli Origami e’ in arrivo sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch

Poche ore fa e’ emerso l’arrivo di un titolo, Kamiori, indie game disponibile prossimamente anche su Nintendo Switch.

Il puzzle game basato sugli Origami Hanaji Games, e’ infatti in arrivo nei prossimi mesi sull’eShop europeo, giapponese ed americano di Nintendo Switch.

Potete trovare il trailer del titolo in questione, in calce all’articolo.

Kamiori is an origami-based puzzle game. Fold the paper stages to reach the goal and reveal the world’s secrets!

◆ A New Wrinkle on Adventure Games
Control the stages by folding them! Clever folds will create platforms from Stamps or manipulate obstacles to let you get to the end.

◆ Recover Memories Old and New
Play as Kureha, an unassuming high school girl, as she tries to find her way home! Uncover the truth of how she became trapped in the origami world, the actual meaning of her hometown’s festival, and more by gathering memory fragments scattered around the stages.

◆ Elegant Japanese Aesthetic
You’ll find yourself absorbed by the charming fusion of classical and modern Japanese art styles, perfectly complemented by the soundtrack!

◆ Two Game Modes
Venture through Story Mode or play puzzle after puzzle in Trial Mode! Both offer plenty of playtime!

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