Alwa’s Legacy: aperta la campagna Kickstarter per il sequel di Alwa’s Awakening

Qualche ora fa e’ stata aperta la campagna Kickstarter di Alwa’s Legacy, con l’obiettivo di rilascio futuro anche su Nintendo Switch.

Il sequel di Alwa’s Awakening, ispirato ai classici titoli dell’era d’oro del NES, realizzato da Elden Pixels, pubblicato lo scorso 27 settembre 2018 sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch, e’ ora in sviluppo, finanziato dalla campagna Kickstarter accessibile tramite questo link.

Potete trovare il informazioni in merito, in calce all’articolo.


Alwa’s Legacy is a modern retro game full of dangerous dungeons, magical items and ancient secrets. By upgrading your magic, any way forward is right in this non-linear adventure game full of exploration

Customize how you play – With our upgrade system you can choose how you want to play – Explorative, offensive or strategic. It’s your choice! Exploration is rewarded – Don’t leave any stone unturned, the world of Alwa is filled with secrets and finding them requires you to explore and solve puzzles A non-linear experience

– Combining exploration and different item upgrades allows you to find your own way through this adventure Looks and sounds amazing – Enjoy crisp pixel-art combined with modern effects as well as a soundtrack made by chiptune extraordinaire RushJet1 A challenge awaits

– Quick reflexes are needed to navigate through the many challenging rooms and with easy-to-change settings anyone can enjoy Alwa’s Legacy An interconnected world with many branching paths (We guess some would call it a Metroidvania) Massive background parallax artwork by pixel artist Vierbit Many dungeons that each has a unique look and design and of course lots of bosses (attack their weak spots) A skill tree that would put any RPG to shame (Not really, but we have 16 upgrades) Chip music soundtrack with 25 tracks made by chip artist RushJet1(1001 Spikes and PewDiePie’s Legend of the Brofist etc.) Modern sound design by Joel Bille (Ghost Giant and Fe by Zoink Games/Electronic Arts)

Full controller support and layout for all common controllers Accessibility and gameplay settings to easily change up the difficulty level A talking pig NPC (pettable of course) Explore a large interconnected world in any way you want Alwa’s Legacy is set in the world of Alwa and the game will start with the heroine Zoe waking up in a strange land. She doesn’t know where she is and she doesn’t know what land this is but for some strange reason everyone and everything seems very familiar. It’s like she’s been here before, but can’t remember. Why is this? Suddenly a figure appears, an old lady almost struggling to walk comes up and talks to Zoe. Her voice is strong and she says: “Zoe, you have been sent here to save us. You might not yet realize it but you are strong and you’ll grow to be the hero we need. Quickly, make your way to the Town of Westwood and come find me. There I’ll share more…” The heroine Zoe has been sent to the land of Alwa In Alwa’s Legacy you use your magic staff to move across the land, you’ll solve puzzles, traverse through dangerous dungeons and defeat many enemies along your journey to save the land of Alwa. We have striven to create a main protagonist that’s relatable, strong and with great movement skills. It’s a breeze to swiftly make your way through the game. Exploration and freedom are other design pillars we had and in Alwa’s Legacy you’ll find an adventure that’s fun to play, exciting to explore and discoverable in your own way! Zoe is fast, versatile and can use her staff for both fighting and to solve puzzles Alwa’s Awakening Everything started about two years ago with the release of Alwa’s Awakening. An 8-bit adventure that was extremely well received and resulted in us being adventurous enough to do this indie development as a full-time job. There’s no need to have played Alwa’s Awakening in order to enjoy Alwa’s Legacy. They are both standalone experiences and can be enjoyed separately (although we’d be absolutely stoked if you get both)

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