Kill la Kill the Game: IF, pubblicato un video dal Sakura Fight Festa 2019

Qualche ora fa sono emersi dei video dal Sakura Fight Festa 2019 su Kill the Game: IF, in arrivo nel corso dell’estate sui Nintendo Switch europei.

Il titolo fighting game di Arc System Works, basato sull’ormai noto anime “Kill la Kill”, sarà pubblicato il prossimo 25 luglio sui Nintendo Switch giapponesi, il 26 luglio prossimo anche sui Nintendo Switch europei. 

Recentemente è stato rivelato che Kill the Game: IF avrà un doppiaggio inglese (oltre che in giapponese), e il titolo avrà censure e sarà identico per ognuna delle regioni nella quale sarà pubblicato, ovviamente Europa compresa.

Potete trovare il video pubblicato di seguito.

KILL la KILL – IF coming to Europe on 26th July!

March 20th, 2019 – PQube is pleased to announce that Arc System Works and Studio TRIGGER’s KILL la KILL – IF will be releasing on 26th July in Europe on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and on 25th July for PC/Steam worldwide.
Check out the new trailer for the game here: English-voiced trailer will be ready soon!
The team is proud to introduce the new and original artwork for the game, drawn by Mr. Sushio, who was in charge of the character design in the original TV anime ‘Kill la Kill’.

Additional Characters!

Two new playable characters “Mako Mankanshoku” and “Ultimate Double Naked DTR” will be available to download as free characters. More details about the characters to come at a later date.

Limited Edition – confirmed for Europe!

KILL la KILL – IF: Limited Edition details revealed!
・Mr. Sushio’s main artwork for Limited Edition. ・Original Artbook ・Original Soundtrack ・Mak-Roquette Squeezie
This lovely Limited Edition will have 1500 copies available in Europe, with selected retailers in the UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, and more! The retailers will be announced on social media at a later date.

Mako to the rescue!

A pre-order bonus will be avaible at selected retailers across Europe – the super cool ‘Fight Club-spec Two-Star Goku Uniform President Mako Mankanshoku’ Keychain! Stay tuned on social media and our website to know where this will be available!
The new trailer confirms 10 playable characters -inluding brand new characters and the dual-wielding Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin- and teases for more to come in the future! All characters will have their unique fighting style and two DLC characters are already confirmed!

10 characters confirmed! 

Modes galore!
Enjoy a brand new Story Mode, with never-seen before anime segments of the ‘IF’ story, written by the legend Kazuki Nakashima.There is so much more to the game with Training Mode (includes Tutorial and Covers Challenge), Gallery Mode (watch replays and create your own diorama!) and Online Mode where you can play Ranked or in standard Player Match.
KILL la KILL – IF will release on 26th July on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch in Europe, and on 25th July on PC/Steam.
Stay in the loop on everything Arc System Works on Twitter as well as Facebook and the official homepage:
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