Moero Chronicle Hyper fa uno scatto per il rilascio il 26 aprile sui Nintendo Switch europei

Idea Factory ha ufficializzato la nuova data di uscita di Moero Chronicle Hyper, titolo in arrivo settimana prossima sui Nintendo Switch europei.

Dopo i diversi rinvii sulla pubblicazione occidentale, Moero Chronicle Hyper approderà infatti anche sull’eShop europeo e americano di Nintendo Switch il prossimo 26 aprile 2019.

Il noto dungeon-crawler RPG è già disponibile dallo scorso 31 gennaio 2019 sull’eShop giapponese di Nintendo Switch al prezzo di 4.000 yen, 2,800 se pre-scaricato prima del lancio ufficiale.


LOS ANGELES, CA., April 19, 2019 – The upcoming dungeon-crawling RPG Moero Chronicle™ Hyper will launch on the Nintendo eShop this April 26 for $19.99 with a weeklong 30% discount!

The Switch release will be remastered in HD and will also include four new features:

Vibration Function – Added for the “Bumping Scratch” session
New Items – Stat-boosting items for your party
Autopilot Mode – Allows players to pick a coordinate on the dungeon map and automatically heads toward that direction
ALL Original Art and Event CGs – Originally released on the PlayStation Vita and Steam version, the Nintendo Switch release will also include all original art and event CGs.
In the new dialogue and dungeon screenshot batch, you’ll meet some of the interesting monster girls that join Io’s quest. Strengthen your relationship with Monster Girls by providing them gifts and upgrading their rooms! Relationship building is crucial as it also increases your party’s attack!

When entering a dungeon, players can experience a myriad of dungeon environments, monsters, and treasure! And with the new Autopilot Mode, you can now crawl your way through dungeons with ease!

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