The Demon Crystal: il titolo è in arrivo l’11 aprile sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch

Poche ore fa è stato annunciato l’arrivo di un titolo indipendente, The Demon Crystal, disponibile settimana prossima su Nintendo Switch.

L’action/adventure RPG di Regista, sarà disponibile dal prossimo 11 aprile 2019 sull’eShop europeo e americano di Nintendo Switch, al prezzo di €9,99/$9.99.

Potete trovare informazioni sul titolo di seguito.

The Demon crystal produced by YMCAT in 1984.

Succeeded as an action role playing game of a new genre



Once upon a time, there was a rich country “Fareis country” in a certain place.

However, as the peace and prosperity continued, the people of the kingdom were corrupted and the power of the nation declined.

Princess Chris chooses outstanding people from the citizens to make the country a lively thing like the old days,

We appointed the Royal Guards’ Director Ares Niser as the Governor.

But the time of trial has come to this peaceful and happy country.

From the dark storm far away from “Fareis country”,

An evil devil called “Sharud” attacked the “Fareis country”.

Princess Chris organized a corps group “Justice ? Troop” with the guards,

and directed the confrontation with “Sharud”.

But ‘Justice Troop’ was annihilated by the power of the evil incarnations,

Tarantula, “Warrior”, “Ghost”, “Dark Warrior”, “Copper” brought up by the magical power of ‘Sharud’.

After “Justice trooper” annihilated,

Fairis country has been in the control ‘Shard’.

Eventually, Shard attached the royal palace so that they will not fight back again,

Shardo took Prince Chris as a hostage to Monster Town.

In order to save King King Lady Chris,

Ares ? Nizer Collect balls (BOMB OF FIRE)is located in various parts of “Fareis country”

that are said to have been dispelled from God,

And head to Monster Town alone…

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