Anodyne: uno sguardo in video al titolo dai Nintendo Switch europei

Poco fa abbiamo pubblicato un video gameplay dedicato a Anodyne, indie game disponibile a fine febbraio sui Nintendo Switch europei.

L’aaction-adventure in 16-bit di Analgesic Productions, sarà pubblicato da Nnooo il prossimo 28 febbraio 2019 sull’eShop europeo, americano e australiano di Nintendo Switch, al prezzo di $9.99 / €9.99 / £8.99 / AU$14.99.

Potete trovare il video pubblicato in calce all’articolo.

Lasciati avvolgere da una colonna sonora toccante e onirica, mentre esplori un mondo ricco di ambientazioni naturali, urbane e astratte, risolvi enigmi e sconfiggi nemici… con una scopa!

Ispirato alle classiche avventure a 16 bit di altri tempi, partecipa a una profonda e magnifica avventura che ti porterà a esplorare un mondo vasto e molti dungeon bizzarri, impegnativi e divertenti, per scoprire cosa ti attende nel subconscio di Young.


Nnooo announces release date for award-winning 16-bit adventure game Anodyne on Nintendo Switch

14 February 2019 – Sydney, Australia: Independent publisher Nnooo announces the release date on the Nintendo Switch eShop for the critically acclaimed game Anodyne. Developed by Analgesic Productions, the game is scheduled to launch on 28 February in The Americas, Europe, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Anodyne will also be available for pre-purchase on the eShop from 21 February.

Anodyne takes place in the haunting, vibrant subconscious mind of the game’s protagonist, Young. You are tasked with navigating the various natural, urban and abstract environments within Young’s innermost self to help sweep away demons, defeat enemies and solve Young’s personal puzzles with their only weapon, a trusty broom! Clear out the dungeons, meander through Young’s own mind, and collect cards to advance further into the game as Young grows in confidence and ability, ready to rescue The Legendary Briar from the Evil Darkness.

Anodyne harks back to classic 16-bit action-adventure games while creating its own unique feel. It incorporates a large overworld with many quirky, challenging dungeons filled with a variety of unusual enemies. This is overlaid with an unsettling musical score which adds to the feel of an uneasy, dreamlike experience.

This debut game from the 2-person studio Analgesic Productions was released on PC and Mac to critical acclaim. Developed while the two were still students, Anodyne won an Honorable Mention at the IGF Student Showcase in San Francisco.

Bruce Thomson, Business & Marketing Director at Nnooo says:

“A major inspiration for Anodyne was The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening so we think the game will resonate with Nintendo fans. While Anodyne pays homage to the 16-bit era, Analgesic Productions have created a unique action-adventure game with their own unusual mix of darkness and humour.”

Analgesic Productions is a small, Midwestern US studio specialising in adventure games that mix strong, character-driven narratives with experimental, expressive takes on traditional gameplay mechanics.

Sean Han Tani, Director at Analgesic says:

“It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to bring Anodyne to Nintendo Switch! I’m excited to have new players discover the dreamy atmosphere of Anodyne for the first time, and experience our surreal twist on the 2D Zelda genre. Likewise, to our longtime fans who have been eagerly anticipating this release: thank you for the support! I hope everyone will enjoy playing Anodyne on Nintendo Switch!”

Anodyne will be priced at US$9.99 / €9.99 / £8.99 / AU$14.99.

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