Steins;Gate Elite, pubblicato il trailer di lancio del titolo su Nintendo Switch

Poco fa è stato pubblicato il trailer di lancio dedicato a Steins;Gate Elite, ora disponibile e scaricabile sui Nintendo Switch europei.

Il titolo è stato pubblicato in Occidente da Spike Chunsoft sia sui Nintendo Switch europei, che su quelli americani il 19 febbraio 2019, al prezzo di €59,99.

Potete trovare il video pubblicato in calce all’articolo.

Steins;Gate Elite is fully remastered with animated scenes from the anime, creating a perfectly new, immersive experience.The game follows a rag-tag band of tech-savvy young students who discover the means of changing the past via e-mail using a modified microwave. Their experiments in pushing the boundaries of time begin to spiral out of control as they become entangled in a conspiracy surrounding SERN, the organization behind the Large Hadron Collider, and John Titor, who claims to be from a dystopian future.

– Fully Animated Adventure – Indulge in all the beautiful animation from 24 episodes of the Steins;Gate anime.
– A New Way to Time Leap – Experience the world of STEINS;GATE with this remastered, ultimate version that features newly animated sequences for certain endings.
– Branching Storylines – Every choice you make has its own consequence, shifting the world line closer or farther from reaching 1% divergence, providing a multitude of animated endings.


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