Umihara Kawase Fresh!: nuovi video e informazioni dal sito ufficiale

Poche ore fa sono emersi nuovi video e informazioni dal sito ufficiale di Umihara Kawase Fresh!, prossimamente in arrivo su Nintendo Switch.

Il titolo action game è stato mostrato per la prima volta durante il Tokyo Game Show 2018, evento live svoltosi dal 20 al 23 settembre 2018.

Il nuovo capitolo della serie Umihara Kawase, sarà disponibile grazie a Success Corporation sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch nel corso della primavera del 2019, o al massimo in estate.

Potete trovare i video e le informazioni dal sito ufficiale, in calce all’articolo.


Kawase is a wandering chef in the magical world of Michelana. This time she ended up in a remote town called “Kingness,” where she starts working for a hamburger restaurant called “Tadaima Tavern.”

For the time being, Umihara Kawase seems set on helping out Tadaima Tavern. Why? Because Kingness is the spitting image of a town that always appears in her dreams…

There are mysterious things for sure. But since talking about them might make people look at her funny, it seems like she will keep them to herself.

World: The Surface

The area where Tadaima Tavern is located. All sorts of people live here. If you head to the sky, there are gates protected by guards.

About the Umihara Kawase Series

Umihara Kawase is an action game series where the player controls protagonist Umihara Kawase to reach the end of each level. The game is highlighted by its rubber ring action in which the player uses an elastic rope to progress.

The Meaning of The Title

“Umihara Kawase” is Japanese chef terminology meaning “fish from the sea have fat on their bellies, and fish from rivers have fat on their backs.” In Japanese, this is pronounced “Umi no sakana wa hara ni, kawa no sakana wa se ni abura ga notteru.” In this series, many fatty fish of the sea and river appear as enemy characters.


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