Rotating Brave e Lyrica: i due titoli di Cosen sono in arrivo su Nintendo Switch

Recentemente il sito web di Cosen ha annunciato l’arrivo di Rotating Brave e Lyrica, due indie prossimamente in arrivo su Nintendo Switch.

Per quanto riguarda Lyrica, si tratta di un rhythm game che combinerà la poesia classica alla musica moderna, e sarà disponibile da questa primavera sull’eShop giapponese di Nintendo Switch al prezzo di 2000 yen, con lingua giapponese, inglese e cinese tradizionale e semplificato.

Rotating Brave è invece un platform / action game in pixel art in arrivo nel mese di febbraio sui Nintendo Switch giapponesi a 500 yen, anch’esso con supporto al giapponese, inglese e cinese tradizionale e semplificato.

Potete trovare informazioni sui due titoli in calce all’articolo.

Lyrica is a rhythm game that combines classic poetry and modern music, in addition to classic-style narratives.

The story portrays a young man named Chun who wants to become a musician. One night, he has a dream of traveling to the ancient past in China and encounters a mysterious poet.

The game combines music notes and classic poetry, and gamers can experience the beauty of Chinese calligraphy and poetry by tapping on the lyrics in sync with the rhythm, or drawing calligraphy through the music notes.

Key Features

  • Lyrics that are important part of the gameplay.
  • Chinese calligraphy applied to the gameplay.
  • The first rhythm game that collects indigenous music, Taiwanese Hokkien music, and acappella music.
  • Combines classic Chinese literature with Taiwanese modern culture in our storyline.

Lyrica is a rhythm game that is unique in many ways. It is musically entertaining, expresses literature artistically, and applies poetry in the gameplay to create a new gaming experience for the gamers.

Rotating Brave is a pixel-art platform action game. Wield your blades and proceed to the depths of the ruins using spin attacks and various skills to destroy its guards, upgrade your abilities, and experience the story. The most important feature of this game is you need to rotate your phone when the levels change.

Key Features

  • Smooth action and refreshing slashing.
  • Six different skills available.
  • 11 oblations to grant you peculiar ability.
  • Randomly-generated levels.
  • The experience of rotating the phone with playing.
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