Battle Chef Brigade: ora disponibile la versione 1.0.5 sui Nintendo Switch europei

Qualche ora è stato rilasciato un nuovo update per Battle Chef Brigade, titolo arrivato ora alla versione 1.0.5 sui Nintendo Switch europei.

Ricordiamo che il titolo RPG/Puzzle/Platform/Action di Trinket Studios, è stato pubblicato da Adult Swim Games, il 20 novembre 2017 sui Nintendo Switch europei.

Potete trovare il changelog dell’aggiornamento, in calce all’articolo.

Quality of Life 

  • Heal Fragile Oven sound volume has been lowered slightly due to it being played frequently when processing Lantern Fruit.
  • Music will now play in the Darkrealm for Survival / DC / Free Play /
  • Multiplayer (instead of intentionally playing only ambience as in the Story)
  • Added a retry option to the Daily Challenge directly after the leaderboard instead of having to return to the main menu to try again.
  • Removed extraneous server-connection gate from Survival mode, which caused a connection check at both the start and end of Survival mode. Now, your connection will only be checked at the end of a run when submitting to the leaderboards.
  • Added a label to the starting Survival UI that reports the Arena that you’re currently loaded into when picking your loadout.
  • Added a Speedrun Mode to Options menu that allows all dialogue to be fast-forwarded by holding down the talk button.

Monster Behavior

  • Verskit will now eat all plants in the Darkrealm.
  • Cheepchi spawn area in the Darkrealm has been shrunken slightly so they’re not able to select ground below the center platform as a flight destination.
  • Stealbirds will now move back and forth under the Darkrealm platform instead of not moving at all.

Game Balance 

  • Survival mode level progression has been changed slightly so that players spend less time ramping up to more challenging rounds.
  • Scoring has been adjusted to match the new difficulty curve.
  • Stabby is now more likely to return items to the pantry after failing due to lava walls by reducing run and jump horizontal impulses.
  • Player 2 Stabby will now teleport to the correct entrance of the kitchen.
  • Stabby will now only start to pick up ingredients when on the ground.
  • Increased Caverns’ Gourd spawn rate slightly (90s to 80s).

Bug Fixes 

  • Adjusted the Darkrealm Arena room slightly so it’s more similar to the Forest’s. Should resolve report of camera zoom not transitioning.
  • Fixed Thrash facing in Rixal’s post-judging finale scene.
  • Fixed a bug where not all Dish data would transfer correctly when combining dishes (i.e. stack a 50+ dish on top of another one), thereby undoing any progress towards Cookware or Focus expertises.
  • Fixed a crash in Multiplayer when Chef-to-Chef Damage was set to None.
  • Fixed a long-standing bug where if you lost a Daily Cook-off, the AI’s winning score would be submitted to leaderboards instead of yours.
  • Fixed an issue where P2 could pause but not interact with the pause menu while in the intro sequence for a local multiplayer match.
  • Fixed a bug where clock and judge preferences weren’t reinstated in the cases where Free Play match was reset.
  • Fixed a data issue where Slimes only spawned twice in the Darkrealm Arena.
  • Fixed a bug where Innkeeper’s Tin (combo bonus item) would never trigger.
  • Fixed a bug where critters would spawn while in the Loadout in Survival, which gives patient players an advantage (more ingredients to work with up front).
  • Fixed a bug where Slime would sometimes pinball around the Darkrealm due to chilling in the Gust Launcher.
  • Fixed a bug where Consume spread Thrash’s body trigger too wide (and into Darkrealm lava).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Brigade Town music to be out of sync when crossfading.
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